People wish to remain healthy and active most of the time, but falling sick to some disease or infection is part of life. There are numerous types of illnesses and ailments that may affect people of different ages. There are two types of diseases, namely, acute and chronic. The acute illnesses happen suddenly but last for a few days such as flu or fever, where a person takes correct medicines to find relief. The chronic diseases, on the other hand, develop slowly but last for months and even years such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, obesity, and Alzheimer’s disease.

The common way to get a cure from an acute disease is to take medicines, and for chronic illness, people have to undergo a surgical operation and attend therapy sessions. Apart from conventional methods of treatment, there is sudden awareness and popularity of alternative medicine which is also known as complementary, naturopathic, or integrative medicine.

Alternative medicine refers to the use of traditional or uncommon forms of treatment instead of conventional methods. Alternative medicine may include medical products and practices that are not typically used in standard or conventional care. The standard health care consists of doctors, surgeons, physicians, and nurses. There is a wide range of practices that come under alternative medicine such as acupuncture, chiropractic, Chinese medicine, yoga, homeopathy, herbal medicine, reiki, biofeedback, and electromagnetic therapy. The trend of alternative medicine is increasing, and research study suggests that more than half of the adults in the United States do use at least one form of alternative medicine or therapy. The reasons why more and more people are getting to know and seek help from alternative medicine are

  • Focus on curing the root cause of illness

The best thing about alternative medicine is that it treats the root cause of the illness and not just the symptoms. The chiropractors and other alternative medicine experts work hard to identify the root problem of your illness and make sure that you regain health.

  • No use of chemically manufactured medicine

Alternative medicine products are made from natural and organic sources, which makes it safe to use. The alternative techniques are also less risky and improve the overall health of the person. The conventional medicines are made from different natural and man0made substances that reduce the efficiency of the medicines.

  • Improves quality of life

You usually visit the physician when you feel pain or not feeling well. The physician will give you a prescription medicine, and for the time being, the pain will go, but after some time, you will again feel pain. Alternative medicine ensures that the pain is cured in the first instance, and you enjoy your life.

  • No harmful side effects

There are several medicines available today that have side effects mentioned on the back cover. Alternative medicine is not made from artificial substances and has no known harmful effect.

  • Enhances overall health

Alternative medicine helps you to find the correct balance, which includes eating and sleeping patterns, and encourage you to perform physical workouts to stay healthy.

The traditional methods in alternative medicine in us include acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, and Chinese medicine. The use of hands and touch has been used to find relief for centuries. The concept of healing through touch is not new, and it is a fact that an injury or illness in one part of the body affects the entire body. The example of an alternative form of therapy through touch includes massage, chiropractic, yoga, Tai chi, and body movement therapy.

The scope of the alternative form of medicine is not limited to therapy and medication, but you can find optimal health through nutritional food and herbs. In ancient times people used to eat natural food such as fruits, vegetables, and grain, but gradually, the diet plan changed and people began eating unhealthy food that affected their health. Today, we see nutritional deficiency getting quite common which leads to chronic diseases. There are several numerous dietary plans and herbal supplements that can help you to regain proper health and balance.

People also have a belief that energy from an external source or an object can positively impact the health of the person. The example of therapy from energy sources include electromagnetic therapy, Qigong, and reiki. There are several medical research studies that suggest that many of the symptoms and pain can be treated if a person has control over both his voluntary and involuntary actions. The human brain controls and monitors each physical and physiological action in the body, and good mental health are key for the overall health of the person. The therapy that can help a person use his mental health to feel better are meditation, biofeedback, and hypnosis. Some of the common and widely used alternative medicine is

  • Acupuncture

One of the most common methods of alternative treatment from pain and illness is the Chinese method of acupuncture, where needles are inserted in specific points of the body. The person who performs the treatment method is called acupuncturist, and he inserts sterile needles in the skin. The main purpose of acupuncture is allowing the body to heal naturally. Acupuncture is used treating different conditions such as anxiety, depression, back pain, nausea, and insomnia.

  • Chiropractic

The main emphasis of chiropractic medicine is the spine and how it functions. The trained expert is called chiropractor, who uses different methods to remove pain, improve muscle function, and allow the body to heal on its own. Chiropractic can be used for headaches, lower back pain, and joint problems

  • Magnetic field therapy

The magnetic and electric energy is also used to provide pain relief. The electromagnetic therapy is best for musculoskeletal problems, particularly osteoarthritis.

  • Herbal medicine

The use of herbs and organic plants has been used as a remedy since ancient times. Even many of the popular medicine we see today is the modern form of ancient medicine. The herbal medicine is made by using the roots, leaves, flowers of the plant. The herbal medicines are known to cure allergies, headaches, and chronic pain.

  • Reiki

One of the best ways to allow your body to find relief on its own is through reiki. The practitioner gently taps his hand on the part of the body that pains the most, and the energy is channeled from the hands.

Author Bio:

Brad Cooper is an expert acupuncturist who helps people to regain health. He has studied different alternative medicine practices which allows the person’s body to heal on its own.