Wall textures have been in vogue for quite some time. Call it popularity or usefulness, wall textures do look very good on your walls. A large wall of orange peel or lovely butterflies can really cheer you up. Wall textures are shapes and patterns made on the wall while it is being painted using tools of different kinds. It might seem easy but making wall textures is not for novices. You need to be a professional with enough experience and knowledge to give the final impression. So, you will need to take the help of a wall texture paint company to give a new look to your walls.

Steps of wall texturing

Wall texture drawing can be roughly summed up into three steps:

  • The first step is to create a base using primer and putty
  • The second step would be to apply paint as a base coat
  • Then on, the special paint for the texture will be applied
  • The last step is the creation of the effects which are done using sponge brushes spatulas and sometimes even special rollers

The professional texture paint is made with the help of base coat top coat and different kinds of looks. The same texture is used by the top wall texture company in different ways to create different looks. Texture paints are different from the other types in terms of the consistency. They are denser and more like pigments which helps in creating the text effects. There are different kinds of shades and coats available from various companies which are useful in creating the textures.

Popular texture designs

Some of the most used texture designs include

  • Spatula crinkle sponging and dragging
  • The latest wall texture designs are seashell brushing Canvas
  • The premium designs include stucco and antico

What is the reason behind texturing walls?

The main reason behind the new age wall picturing is the boarding look of plain walls. Plain walls can look good only if the structure of the wall itself is faultless but in most cases, you will be able to observe unevenness and undulations on walls when light is reflected on it. Using texture paint is the best way to cover up these flaws and make the house look beautiful. With the help of texture paint the walls seem to come alive and are very important for interior decoration. A plain wall with a grand interior looks incomplete. Hence, wall textures are so much important in in modern homes.

Hunt for professional painters

If you are looking for professional wall texture painters you need to narrow down to two or three companies offering the best work in the city. You can look at the brochures and the homes they have previously done to get an idea of their work. You will also need to speak to them regarding the prices they are quoting. Ideally, you should take quote from two to three different companies and then make your decision. Always ask them by what time we can finish the work and what kind of paint they will be