It has been a crazy year due to COVID-19. Sports events have been stop/start, whole leagues were canceled and we’re still not through the whole pandemic yet, so who knows what the future holds. But, with all that said and done, we are seeing sports return. Many leagues have compact fixture lists to fit everything in, to the enjoyment of fans and disappointment of some managers due to concerns for player welfare. And with things happening thick and fast, it’s tough to keep on top of everything. So we thought we’d put together some of the top sports apps that will help you through 2021.




This is possibly our favorite sports app of them all. Available for free both on Android and iOS devices, as well as in the Huawei App Store, FlashScore is the go-to place for fixture lists and real-time score updates. With sports covered from around the globe, you can have access to everything from baseball to MMA, and from darts to volleyball. The format of the app is nice, you can check past results, that day’s fixture or even upcoming ties. Marking the ones you care about the most as favorites to add to your own list so you only get notifications on the events you want.


It is by far the quickest site at updating live scores, but it does more than that. It also offers statistics, both in terms of live coverage and things like head-to-head stats, table positions and odds from their partnered betting sites. It has everything you need to keep you in the loop.




The main issue with FlashScore though if you are looking for betting odds, is they are partnered with one site. And whilst that may bring you special offers, it doesn’t always mean they’ll have the best odds available. That’s where OddsTrader for Android  and iOS comes in. Much like FlashScore, it is free but more limited in the events it covers, specifically those in the US. However, for what they do cover, the app can give you real-time updates and you can also search past results and upcoming fixtures.


But, it’s main power comes in the form of betting odds. It compares the market to find you the best odds on each event. Saving you time doing your own research, and helping you to make the most of the situation by potentially increasing your returns.


The Athletic


So this one isn’t a free app, it has a monthly subscription of $9.99. But, if you like to keep up on all the latest news for your team, or generic sports that you have an interest in, then this is your go to app. The quality of writing is top notch, you really can’t fault it. You don’t get that bias you do with some other organisations, and also because it’s a paid app, you also don’t get those pesky adverts popping up. It’s a small price to pay for an excellent service.


But if you’re thinking, why should I choose this over free sources for news? Well, try it out for yourself, because you can get a 7-day free trial for it. And once you’ve read some of their exclusive interviews, opinion pieces and more, we’re sure their in-depth analysis of all things sports is sure to have you bowled over.


Your own clubs’ Apps


Your own club or team will likely have their own apps too. And if that is the case, they’re probably the best ones to go to for checking out updates on your team. Whether it be for news, team updates, exclusive behind the scenes footage, or access to the club stores, you’ll be sure to find out what you’re looking for there.


The only issue is every club is different. Those with more money will likely have better apps than smaller clubs, but that also means with their bigger fan-bases, you may well have to pay a fee to get access to all the content. Although, some teams do offer free access for joining membership groups or just for being a fan because they know that it’s fans that drive the success of the club. And without you guys, they wouldn’t be where they are. So they just like to keep fans in the loop and feeling part of the family.


What do you use?


That’s a list of a few of the best apps we think can equip you for the upcoming year of sports. But there are plenty more out there too. Do you use any of the ones above? If so, let us know what you think of them. Or maybe you have suggestions we’ve missed out? Either way, comment below to let us know and let’s get ourselves best equipped for the upcoming year.