The Limousine is a type of car very famous in the Canada that has always been a symbol of wealth and glamour. In recent years the use has been changing.

The word limousine was common in France long before the creation of the automobile which now bears this name.

The word limousine (derived from the Limoges region) originally referred to a hooded head that French shepherds wore to protect themselves from bad weather. Subsequently, the drivers of horses and wagons adopted this garment for the same purpose, that is, to protect themselves from the elements while their passengers were sitting in a covered cart behind them.

This term was continued until the 1900s when the first paid rides began.

Today, the “limousine” refers to a car, in which the different passengers are housed in a large cabin on the back of the vehicle. This type of service was invented in Ontario by the Aurora Stars Limousine company, although initially it was not associated with formal occasions as it is today. In contrast, the vehicle was primarily designed to carry large orchestras across the nation.

Limousine service has become a symbol of status. These cars were commonly used to transport high-profile guests to / from hotels and airports, as well as politicians and Hollywood stars. In the mid-century, six-door limousines were introduced to the Canadian market, commonly used for transportation during the funeral of the deceased’s family. Since then big names of Canada car manufacturers, developed larger and more luxurious limousines, attracting the attention of the wealthiest, who saw in these great fairy-tale vehicles the symbol of their privileged status?

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Limousines are available in various sizes, but the traditional design has been retained. In theory, a limousine services Newmaket can be built on any chassis with a large variety of designs and configurations. The feature that distinguishes it from other vehicles and other cars is the partition that separates the driver from the passengers. A concept replicated by London’s famous cabs (black cabins), for example.

In recent years the limousine has seen a resurgence of popularity, but this time it is not limited to a privileged few: these huge, often colorful cars, today accompany the bride and groom to their wedding parties, the stars from the airport to the hotels, or simply tourists who you can enjoy drinks, snacks and city entertainment. It should be noted that in the Canada the division from the driver allows the presence of alcohol inside the car in the guest compartment, alcohol that would otherwise be prohibited.

In Canada today the Limousine service is covered by high-level NCC cars that offer these prestigious services offered by long American models. Some usage trends prefer luxurious and equipped cars to long traditional limousines even in the Canadian market: perhaps one of the consequences of the great economic crisis and a certain sobriety in customs and a use of this car on the occasion of leisure and / or tourism.

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