With time laser coding machines have evolved so much that attractive direct part marking of logos and part numbers are no more a luxury. High-speed laser coding machines are capable of producing unique, high-quality images and machine-readable codes which has made them a major requirement in the many industries including aerospace components, jewelry, firearms, medical equipment and devices, electronics and other parts that require markings.

Since you know about the benefits of laser coding machines and planning to buy one for your business requirements, it can be a bit of a struggle choosing the best machine. There are several options available in the market, you may get confused which will fit your requirements perfectly.

Before you finalize a high-speed laser coding machine for your business, make sure you’ve asked these 7 questions to yourself before investing your money.

  1. What is the total number of labels that you’ll be printing?

It’s important to know whether the laser coding machine will fulfill your demands or not, especially when there’s excessive demand. If you’re constantly involved in working with high quotas or production volumes, you should invest in high-speed laser coding machines that can work efficiently for voluminous production.

  1. How much data will be fed into one label?

Realizing that some unknown third-party sellers are replicating your bestsellers can be very disappointing. To prevent copying of your marks, make sure your products have finely-detailed anti-countering features that will identify your brand. For this, you will have to pack a lot of data into a small space on your product.

  1. How large will your label be?

Some of the industries like the food industry require large codes that are easily readable. If you need to put large laser markings, you need to purchase a high-speed laser coding machine that meets your needs.

  1. On what material will you be printing?

Different materials have different texture and surfaces. All high-speed laser coding machines have different specialties. Therefore, make sure you’re purchasing the right machine that suits your requirements.

  1. What should be the IP rating of your laser coding machine?

You can check your machine’s resilience by checking its IP ratings. Make sure your laser coding machine performs efficiently in extreme environments.

  1. Do you need a compact coding machine for your facility?

Compact and high-speed laser coding machines are lightweight and adaptive. These machines are meant to maximize space on your assembly line.

  1. Will your supplier provide training for your operators?

If you’re installing a sophisticated laser coding machine, your workers must know how to use it. If your suppliers are ready to teach your staff how to handle the brand-new machine, you are good to go ahead and purchase one for your facility.


So, now when you know what are the things you need to consider when purchasing high-speed laser coding machines, you can buy a perfect machine for your business. Make sure you teach your employees on how to handle the machines so that they don’t have to struggle while using.