If your business is running well, but still you can’t get a hold of the expenses, then this is the time to hire a bookkeeper for you. Not only the expense issues, but a bookkeeper will help you with customer management and further investment plans. Before investing in accountants/bookkeepers, you need to know the responsibilities and what to expect. This article will help you with the process.

What Is Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is a particular branch of accounting. Here, you have to take care of the expenses mainly. Enlisting the customers, receiving payments from customers, providing them proper receipts, contacting suppliers for products, paying them, and many more are the bookkeeping services’ primary focus.

Why Do You Need A Bookkeeper

You may think, right now, your budding startup does not need such investments. But this is the mistake of more than 45% of small business owners makes. Not to mention the results aren’t goofed. Finance and creativity are two different subjects. You might be very good at making crafts or designing dresses but know nothing about product supply chain or market analysis. For example, a sexy satin dress is worth thousands, but mass production may lead to a massive loss during the winter season.

Paper-works are dull and clumsy. Plus, data entry, keeping track of sales and growth, choosing out the best selling products, future demands, and market analysis are different fields of expertise. Why will you spend precious time penning down details when you can avail of the service for just some bucks? That is more efficient and wise.

How To Hire A Bookkeeper

When it comes to hiring bookkeepers, there are several options available nowadays. The best option is a full-time, in-house bookkeeper. But most probably, you won’t need one until your company has more than fifty employees and over a million dollars yearly turnover because such expert bookkeepers aren’t cheap. They may charge more than your profit margin a month.

Then come the booking services and farms. They are less expensive and offer more compact packages. A bunch of trained bookkeepers will handle every sector of your finance. As farms have a different industry for every detail, there is more chance of getting a detailed and error-free report. Agencies usually hire efficient people. So, the chance of getting scammed or facing inconvenience is less. You may customize your orders or work pattern. That will cost you a little more, but standing out in the business community is worth the investment.

But there are some cons of signing a contract with the bookkeeping agencies too. Here you have to deal with a manager who apparently may not have any idea about business insight or bookkeeping. So, it cannot be easy sometimes to clarify your requirements or send specific revisions. Paying a third party increases the cost. Besides, the whole system is manual. There are chances of mishandling your data, papers or misusing it. Business data are sensitive. You may not want to take this risk. Though most agencies have strict client privacy and satisfaction etiquette, it’s better to know the worst thing possible.

To solve the problems as mentioned earlier, you may hire an online, freelance bookkeeper. They usually charge less and work dynamically. You can contact them directly, so it’s easier to describe the job and rely on the result.


Bookkeepers make your job a lot easier and smooth. Now you have more time to concentrate on creations and improvements. Just be careful while hiring a bookkeeping service. It’s always better to rely on well-known hiring sites or profiles.