Back in 15th century German Kinderfest, kids used to celebrate their birthdays by cutting cakes. From then, till today cakes are an integral part of every celebration. Be it birthdays or bachelorettes, cakes are all what we need! Here is something about cakes which you did not know.

The word cake, comes from Middle English kake and is probably a borrowing from Old Norse. The definition of ‘cake’ has changed over time, and the first cake was: A comparatively small flattened sort of bread, round, oval, or otherwise regularly shaped, and usually baked hard on both sides by being turned during the process.

In our country, we usually opt for a few flavours of cakes and that is it. But, there are much more than a chocolate cake, black forest and red velvet cake. A lot of varieties and it will not be wrong to tell that in different countries cakes and baking them, are a part of their culture. Do you know baking cakes can even reduce mental stress? Hence, we are still not at the level of understanding cakes because there is a lot to learn about! There is Galette des Rois of France which is known as the ‘King’s cake’. It is the tastiest cake ever which have layers of butter cake and filled with almond cream.  We have pavlova in Australia and do you know the traditional cake of India is mawa cake, which is in the list of the best cakes in the world? How many of us have tried it?

Coming to Chennai, there are a few best cake shops. But what do you order? Let me guess. The usual black forest? Brownie? Or maybe vanilla cake? We must know that there are a lot more varieties of cakes available in the best cake shops in Chennai.  Be it red velvet, chocolate chip, coconut, funfetti, Lychee rose, blueberry or coffee flavour! Everything shall be made available to you within no time if you wish for.

Buying cakes are confusing. There may not be enough varieties or may not look appealing. With varieties, tastes and quality top the list of best cakes available in Chennai.

We understand the situation of our country which asks for complete social distancing right now. But, now forget distancing from your favourite guilty pleasure that is nothing but cakes! If you have a sweet tooth for cakes, you need not stop craving for them. Buying cakes online is as easy ordering any food now.

Parents are seen worried about the amount of sweet intake a child has in our country. In different countries, cake is a part of their cuisine. Children grow up eating different types of them. We have rice paste made to cakes in Japan called Mochi. So, cakes are made out of everything edible literally.

To make you realize the extent to which we love cakes, despite all the care and concern of parents, remember after eating a piece of cake, everyone eats the same piece of cake for somebody’s birthday? Unimaginable during the times of Corona?  Also, it is believed that while we blow the candles, bacteria on top of the cake increases by 14%! But, does that matter because we are extremely happy cutting and having a tasty birthday cake for our birthday? Exactly! Nothing matters on any occasion while we gobble up a piece of cake.

Besides providing the importance of cakes, every cake shop in Chennai, understands its customers and provide what they require even in the times of a pandemic like this. Customer satisfaction has always been anybody’s primary concern.  Online deliveries are always open and complete responsibility of hygiene would be taken care of. The happiness of the customers is the sole responsibility of every cake shop owners’. Your smile is that matters.