Paint jobs eventually wear off due to prolonged exposure to sunlight and other climate changes. When a car is painted, the first primer and then a base coat is painted on it. After the base coat, a clear coat is added which makes the paint last longer. The service we do for the paint is to keep the clear coat last long. Read on to know more about the car detailing. 

Protecting Your Paint Job

Protecting your car’s clear coating is equally important for saving the damage that can possibly happen to your car. The thickness of the clear coat is lesser and it becomes a major protective layer to the rest of the paint. There need to be several layers of protection to be done on the layers. To help protect, there are many other products available like solvent tar remover and Clay Bars. These are brilliant products that can leave your car look stunning. 


Your car basically needs to be waxed over the clear coat. Wax is sensitive to heat. It can meltdown eventually. They also get easily washed off with car washing detergents and soaps. This is where we should plan and add more tiers to the coating. 

Sealant and Ceramic Coating

The next layer to this is the sealant. A polymer sealant is an expensive material. But they last for more than 6 months to almost a year. Ceramic coating is the last tier that you need to apply to protect the color of your car. The dealers might try to convince you that they have already done a protective coating on the car and might get extra money from you. But it would be better to carry on with your mobile car detailing in the Gold Coast with your own plans. This way you will know in detail what you will be paying which you wouldn’t know otherwise. 


The term detailing is deeply associated with the wheels. Pre-soak your wheels and use a very high-quality cleaner for this. Get separate brushes for hard to reach places and leave it stunning and make the head turn. Iron dissolver is another product available in the market for you to dissolve the unwanted contamination on your wheels. Keep it smooth with the dissolver and clean thoroughly with special brushes. 

Machine Polishing

After you are done with your car wheels and protecting the paint job, you can go for the polishing of your paint. There are machine polishers available but make sure you are spreading it evenly. Hand polishing is also a great way to polish the car when you are detailing. Practice getting into certain areas where it is not easily reachable.