For most women, when they think of the jewellery, images of delicate gold chains and brilliant diamonds come to mind. Realistically, however, for the majority of the world’s population, these are dreams that may never come. Fine jewellery is a luxury that few can afford, and most are geared towards the wealthy upper class. For those who are able to realize their dream of the finest jewellery, it is being fulfilled by those jewellery which are at the cheapest end of the spectrum. Fortunately, fashion has worn fake costume jewellery in recent years, leaving consumers with a choice of fun, trendy, inexpensive jewellery without feeling second best to choose from. Women can also sell gold for cash in Kolkata at Muthoot Gold Point.

Costume jewelry was first introduced in 1930 by the fashion queen, Coco Chanel. She used imitation pearls, powdered glass, synthetic stones, and bakelite in jewelry. Her costume jewelry did not claim to give a woman an aura of wealth, but was simply there to beautify her. The power of costume jewelry allows women to follow trends closely, as jewelry can easily be replaced with new styles as trends change. Over the years, there has been a resurgence of costume jewelry, with affordable chain stores such as H&M and Forever 21, with thousands in a dazzling array of styles such as Marni, Vera Wang, and Kenneth Jay Lane.

For some women, however, there are some barriers between them and funky fashion jewelry. First, even fashion jewelry, especially when purchased in large quantities, can rack up considerable bills. Second, many women feel foolish in discarding old, fine jewelry that they may have inherited or saved in exchange for imitation. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to both of these problems. The sharp rise in gold prices is the reason for the explosion of the fashion jewelery market. Due to a weak economy, gold has reached an all-time high. As fine jewelry has become completely ineffective, old jewelry that people have, but they do not use because it is outdated.

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