Diwali is that time of the year when the entire family gets together and celebrates the festival of lights with diyas, sweets and joy. Apart from lighting diyas and eating sweets, the celebration is also marked by worshipping God Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi. Diwali being around the corner, you must be wondering what gifts to buy for your friends and family? Why not gift something that is not going to get buried in the storeroom? You can buy the best gifts from online portals from the comfort of your room. Here are some of the unique Diwali gifts that you can buy for your dear ones.

Multi-purpose pocket tool

A multi-purpose pocket tool is a very cool gift that is highly useful as well. The tool is vast in range and is also highly versatile, combining various different tools in a single unit. The pocket tool also comes in different shapes and sizes, like from a card shaped to a keychain design. These tools are very useful for various household works and thus it can be a great gift to your loved ones.

A cookbook holder

A stand support for your cookbook or for any other household product can be a great gift to give to your loved ones. Keeping too many recipe books is a headache and often while cooking the recipe books get stained with food items. Thus, a holder can be a very useful gift on this Diwali. There are some cookbook holders which have a clear screen covering all the invaluable books. They also swipe up easily every time liquid splatter falls on them. It would be a highly useful Diwali gift for every wife who loves cooking delicious food on special occasions like Diwali.

Waterproof speakers and lap desk

Speakers are a great gift for all music lovers. There is in fact nobody who does not have a favourite song. Thus, giving a waterproof speaker will be highly cherished by the gift recipient. With a waterproof speaker, you can have a pool party or also have a party by the beach. Another great gift for all working people this Diwali would be a lap desk. When there is a need to work for long hours, then there is nothing better than this gift along with a speaker to listen to some music.

Board of key holder or a battery power bank

Whoever is a victim of losing keys, would love to have a key holder on this Diwali. The key holder will work as a reminder of where the keys have been kept. Another great gift idea can be a battery power bank. Every time your battery dies and you are nowhere close to a charging point, you can use a power bank. Either of these two gifts will surely bring a smile on the faces of the recipient.

Men’s grooming kit

For your husband, brother or father, you can give this gift so that they need not go to the barber shop for grooming. Going to a barber is often tiring because you have to wait in the queue for quite some time. Then why not get groomed at home with the best of men’s grooming kit. It is another great idea of a great Diwali gift for your loved ones. Thus, on this Diwali, do send the Diwali sweets along with a great gift listen in this write up.