Choosing a physiotherapist is not supposed to be a difficult task. Though it is essential, you should keep a few factors in mind while choosing the right physiotherapist for yourself or for your family and friends. Just like every health professional, the physiotherapist has expertise in different fields. A physio has to adhere to the strict standards of service laid down by the government. It is required as per the law that the physiotherapist should have sufficient education and registration to practice. To identify which physio will be right for a specific injury or rehabilitation therapy, you have to consider a few factors. Let’s discuss some of the most important factors.

Start With The Qualification

Imagine you want surgery for your knee, but you end up on the table of someone who has expertise in doing heart surgeries. Doesn’t it sound terrifying. It is kind of the same with the physiotherapists. There are different fields of expertise that a physiotherapist can choose to treat a specific section of people. For example, a physio expert in sports injury will not be suitable for treating someone who is getting back on his or her feet after a road accident.

As per the law, a physiotherapist should have a degree at an approved educational institute. After completing the education, the physio should register with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia or PBA before starting the practice. PBA has a set of rules and regulations that every physio has to follow to retain the license.

Location Of The Physio

Though location may sound not an essential factor to consider while choosing a physio, in reality, it will make a huge difference. You would not want to spend hours on the road to reach the physiotherapist as it may have an adverse effect on your already bad health condition. Similarly, if you are trying to find a physio who can do home service, you would not want to pay a hefty amount just for the time physio will spend while travelling to your place.

The Methods Of Treatment

Traditionally most of the physiotherapists use movement and massage methods for treatment. However, there are several other therapies that they may use, such as acupuncture, reflexology, shiatsu, hydrotherapy and more. Depending on your condition and preference for the treatment, a blend of different methods can be included in the sessions. Please keep in mind that no two bodies are the same, and some plans may not work on you the way they intend to. Thus, the physio may choose a blend of different movement methods and massages to find the right combination that works for you.

Check Availability Of The Physio

The availability of the physiotherapist is another essential factor to consider. You would not want to end up with someone who cannot give you ample time during the sessions. It is understandable that you would wish to go to the best physiotherapist in the field but choosing someone who can provide you with time during the meetings is a good choice. Generally, a session may last for up to an hour.


Please make sure you keep affordability in mind as well. It won’t be a good idea to leave the treatment in between due to the lack of funds. Also, check if your health insurance policy covers the cost of physiotherapy or not.

To Sum Up

Physiotherapy helps in quicker recovery from injuries and surgeries. If you are suffering from chronic pain in any part of the body, physiotherapy may help in easing the pain. It is important to find a good physio to get the right treatment. Make sure he is qualified and registered with the Physiotherapy Board of Australia.