For those who produce content, the question of what to write about will eventually arise. It is inevitable that at some point we will all run into problems trying to find new ideas for the content we write. The secret is not to let you stress. There are a few tips you can use to help you produce quality content with less effort.

Tip # 1 – Define the concept of an expert

When you want to create really good content, use some of your favorite quotes and list some ideas from the experts as a basis for your content to give you ideas.

Suppose yours is a business blog; In this case, it could be advantageous to use some of the ideas of someone like Donald Trump, such as “it takes as much effort to think small as to think big, so it is better to think big.” Use that quote to become your goal and planning related post.

Tip # 2 – Mistakes to avoid

Write content about things that people should avoid doing. To brainstorm, ask yourself what mistakes you have made in this regard and what are the mistakes that most others make.

It is up to you whether you choose to list a number of common mistakes or prefer to expose a common mistake that you should focus on. You could write the article from this point of view.

Tip # 3 – Share about your own experiences and lessons learned

Consider sharing a personal experience from which your readers can learn a lesson. Make your story entertaining and interesting so that the article is informative and useful.

Tony Hseih, CEO of Zappos, has often told the story of how he learned important business lessons by playing poker. He was able to use these lessons to sell his company for $ 1.2 billion. The story is great because it is entertaining and educational.

Tip # 4 – Visit other related websites

If you still encounter difficulties, take a look at other related websites in the industry. Check out what others have used in your تعرفه تولید محتوا and find ideas this way. Chances are, you’ll soon find something you can use.

If that doesn’t work, browse some specialized forums. Pay special attention to the most common questions people ask and try to find the answers to those questions in your content.

Tip # 5 – Change it

Of course, you may feel like you’ve discussed everything you wanted, in which case renewing a concept you’ve already addressed. However, remember to be deeper.

If you deal with spirituality, for example, you know that one of the main teachings that is often repeated is “being present”. This concept has been exposed over and over again, and therefore there is much content to draw from.

What keeps the concept from being boring is the fact that each time it’s covered it does so from a different perspective. This is something you can also do for your content. Ask yourself which important concept you can cover in more detail.

Of course, the tips mentioned above are just a few ideas to help you in your effort to produce great content. Use them to stimulate yourself, and then use your creativity to develop great content.