Amazon is very much similar to Google, it is a search engine for buyers.


You know it right? You are also aware of the fact that optimizing your Amazon Product Listing will help you get more sales and to rank higher among your competitors.


But, if you are already ranking high (top 3 positions) and still not getting enough response from your viewers. Then it’s a problem of a high bounce rate on your products.


In this article, I have discussed some tried and trusted “Tips” to reduce that bounce rate on your Amazon Product Listing.


Before moving towards the tips, let me tell you that Amazon Listing Optimization is the first thing you need to do after adding your products. Without optimizing your product’s list, you can’t even reduce think of reducing the bounce rate.

Tips to reduce Bounce rate on Amazon Products


Improve Product Images 

You are dealing with your customer virtually right? So the only way you can attract your viewers towards your product is through its images. “The first impression is the last impression”, this quote is applicable on everything.


As a seller, you need to have clear and smart photographs of your product. Your product’s image should attract viewers and have the capability to convert them into your customers.


If you aren’t confident about your photography skills then I would recommend you hire a professional to do the Amazon Product Photography for you.



Describe your Product


Another important thing that you need to take care of after product images, is its description. Your product description should have everything related to your product. It should highlight each and every feature of your product.


Once your viewer becomes your readers then 80% of your work is done. If you have optimized your product images and description then, you have already done enough to engage your viewers in your product, now all you need to do is to win their faith.


Respond to queries and Feedbacks


So, till now I am expecting that you have already implemented the above-mentioned points in your products. Now, what is important for your product sale is your response to the queries and feedbacks. If someone is asking a question then make sure, you are answering them as soon as possible.

Similarly, if someone is having any trouble or issue with your product then make sure you respond to them and solve their issue. This will help you build a healthy and trustworthy relationship with your viewers and customers. No doubt, it will help you reduce the bounce rate and to get a good number of sales.



Final Verdict


Bounce rate is a concern to worry about, because even if you are ranking on the top but has a high bounce rate then there are chances that you might not convert most of the views into sales. But if you will follow the above steps after the Amazon Listing Optimization process then you can easily reduce your bounce rate and it will directly affect your sales.