A long night of quality sleep is when your body heals from the trauma of a stressful day and rejuvenates you with energy to take on the battle of the next day. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the right bed is the secret to achieve the much coveted 8 to 9 hours of deep slumber every day. So, here are some of our tips and tricks to transform your bed into the cosiest heaven to retire after a long day.

1. Keep Things Neutral

One of your goals while perfecting your bed is to keep things as soothing as possible. Thus, opt for bed linens in neutral shades or soft pastel hues like light grey, pristine white, powder blue, blush pink, taupe, beige, etc. Avoid dark or bold colours like black, navy, red, etc. You can create visual interest by incorporating different textures with pillow covers and throws. However, if colours are your happy pill, then opt for accent pillow and cushions in bold colours or prints.

2. Invest in Pillows

Pillows are way more crucial than you think. They help you to keep your head, neck, and spine in perfect alignment, thereby offering all the support you need while you sleep. When you think about marshmallow-soft pillows that put you to sleep in seconds, then you will surely be reminded of the pillows you slept on in your last stay at a luxury hotel. Recreate the same luxurious feel with eiderdown pillows. These soft cloudy wonders will take your bed game to the next level in a jiffy.

3. Improve the Mattress You Already Have

Mattresses are the foundation of a good bed. And, it is a wise idea to invest in quality that will retain its shape and firmness for years to come thereby, providing support to your back and spine continually. Chances are you already own a mattress, and now we are not going to recommend you toss it out. All you need is a great mattress topper from bed linen online Australia. They not only protect your expensive mattress but also elevate the comfort level. You can warm-up or cool down your bed using the right topper for the right season.

4. Silk for Your Skin

We don’t call it beauty sleep for no reason. However, tossing and turning throughout the night on a regular cotton pillowcase can cause frizz and breakage in your hair. Moreover, they can also contribute to wrinkles on your face for those who sleep on their side. Thankfully, there is one solution to both these problems – Silk Pillowcase!

You may also invest in silk eye-masks to block out any distracting light that might ruin your peaceful slumber. And the silk will keep wrinkles at bay.

5. Pick the Right Blanket for the Right Season

While winter calls for plush warm blankets, the warmer months require lightweight covers to keep you comfortable even when the air-conditioning has chilled down your room by the middle of the month. We suggest going for the woollen, woollen blend, feather down, and mohair blankets for winters and pure Egyptian cotton blankets for the sultry summers.

Remember, we spend almost one-third of our life sleeping, so enhance the experience with these tips and tips for the best sleep possible.