Education and business sectors around the world use assessment as a primary source to gain in-depth knowledge of students’ learning and candidate skills. As the broader assessment requirements grow, online exam software is expected to be a clear future for exam management. Moreover, the current COVID scenario has made the source of online assessment an ultimatum for continuity in the academic world.


As the online examination software becomes the hottest tech topic of 2020, let’s take a look at the different features and see what makes it so special.

12 key features of online exam software



Registration and planning automation

The first step in conducting an assessment is registration and classification of candidates. When conducting large-scale exams, pre-examination steps can become very complex if adequate candidate management features are not available within the platform. Therefore, this is one of the first and most important functions, including handling student applications, managing groups of applicants, scheduling exams, and more.


Generate assessment

The assessment generation feature is the starting step in shaping your assessment idea. This allows test authors to follow a set of patterns that make up an assessment through an interactive informational interface. Selecting a test template at this stage adds additional elements.


Question selection and management

The reliability and effectiveness of online evaluations are largely dependent on the bank. The online exam software integrates with 9 question types that can be used to generate all types of questions such as MCQ, single digit, fill in the blanks, subjective types, true-false, and more. Combinations of different problem types are also possible. It is used to import various test formats. Test authors can also add multimedia elements such as images, videos, graphs and mathematical equations.


Mark and level designation

The marking scheme must be properly defined in the online test for automatic result generation in later steps. The online testing platform offers a variety of marking schemes including negative and decimal numbers. Defining the difficulty level in the test is another essential factor that improves the test format and can be done easily using the features provided in the test creation section.


Custom test-taking options

The online exam software has many customizable features, and these features are on top of it. Test authors can customize the test-taking panel to better suit the needs of the candidate. Customizations such as changing theme colors and text font, defining front and back buttons, option to skip questions, and adding calculators and timers are some of the basic requirements met with the custom exam taking option.


Easy assessment assignment

Once the online assessment is created, the next step is to assign it to the candidate. The assignment function should be flexible and easy. Tests can be sent via mail or shared via a link that can be posted to a group.


Compatible with LMS (Learning Management System)

Many schools, colleges, and coaching centers already have existing LMS tools and are looking forward to including online testing systems. The seamless integration of the online exam software and LMS allows administrators to manage their learning content along with assessments all in one place.


Active notification

This feature provides candidates and guardians/parents with real-time notification of the status of the exam on a regular basis. Notifications are available on all three platforms: mobile, web and app. Additionally, the candidate interface usually has separate sections where you can highlight missing, active, and ordered tests.


Advanced level online supervision

Today, remote supervision software is in high demand and can be packaged with online testing software. However, the online exam system integrates with the most advanced supervisory features, such as randomization of questions and options and creation of a unique questionnaire for all candidates. Of course, if the test proctor is monitoring the exam, the candidate can monitor the offense in real time, but only if you are using remote supervisory software.


Immediate evaluation

This is the best part of using the online exam system. Automate all tests, eliminating all sorts of manual tasks when evaluating tests. On the one hand, a high manual assessment of inaccuracies and mistakes, along with an online exam assessment, is the most accurate source of scoring tests. In addition, an immediate and detailed test report is generated as soon as the test is completed.


In-depth test report

The Comprehensive Test Report generated at the end of the exam becomes a key mapping point for the overall student/tester’s performance. The generated report consists of several elements in which scores are displayed. Total score, comparison score, score for each section, score for each question, total percentage, number of questions answered, number of questions missed, and overall feedback are just a few of the sections available in the generated report.


Interactive dashboard

Simple score expressions are not as effective as visual expressions! The online exam software has an interactive dashboard that displays your scores graphically.