Sydney is one of the first stops for tourists visiting Australia. According to recent statistics, 39.3 million local and international visitors arrived in the state capital of New South Wales for the year that ended in March 2019. They spent a total of $21.9 billion during their stay in the city. These tourists got to enjoy most of the city’s popular attractions, including the world-famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House, the stretches of beaches, and different parks and gardens scattered all over the metro.


But some tourists go off-the-beaten-track to see some of the hidden beauty of the city. They would do a do-it-yourself tour and visit several interesting spots on foot. Others would look for a triumph motorbike in Sydney to rent so they can see those places in style.


If you are planning to go to Sydney and see different places on a stylish and powerful motorcycle, here are several areas that you must include in your itinerary.


Blue Mountains National Park 


This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the motorcycle rider-approved areas in Australia located 50 miles (80 kilometres) away from Sydney’s city centre. The mountains got its name from its bluish appearance when looking at it from a distance. Riders enjoy the fantastic scenery that greets them at every turn.


Enjoy basking in the beauty of the view by stopping in one of the many lookout points located between Blackheath and Wentworth Falls. You may also park your motorbike in a secure place to have short walks towards the waterfalls and cliffs surrounding the area. If you have more time, you can spend the night in one of the local accommodations and do extreme sports like rock climbing, canyoning, or abseiling.


Hawkesbury River Valley


If your pitstop in the Blue Mountains include Mount Victoria, you can ride your motorcycle towards the direction of the Hawkesbury River Valley to continue your motorbike tour of Sydney and its surrounding areas. This place showcases some of the most amazing travel opportunities for riders in this part of NSW. It features a route that will pass through several national parks, scenic countrysides, and Instagram-worthy bridges. It would be a memorable experience to pose with your sleek triumph motorcycle in Sydney amidst these backgrounds.


Hunter Valley Region


For another exciting tourist experience, while visiting Sydney, you may head towards the Hunter Valley and pass through several picturesque viewpoints, rolling rivers, and different gorges within the Wollemi National Park. You will also drive by the vast vineyards of the region. To fully enjoy your trip, you need to park your motorbike to enjoy a glass of wine made right in the origin of the famous Australian wine. You may also take advantage of the numerous restaurants and local wineries in the region that offer unique wine tasting tours. It will be an ideal itinerary if you plan to get to know both the cultural and gastronomic attractions of Australia.


Touring Sydney and its vicinity on a motorcycle could be the best way to see the real beauty of the area. You may even get to know some fascinating Sydney traditions and attractions from the locals that you will get to meet along the way. So if you have enough time to tour the city, you must get a motorcycle that can take you to some of the fun places.