With amazing culture, arts, insane celebs, and several of the most famous writers in history, Dublin has always been a great place to go around. Even if you’re heading to hip South William Street, or journeying the superb St. Stephen’s Green, you’ll always be in need of some considerable food. Instead of ending up somewhere low-grade, you may want to consider our list of quirky and unique restaurants in Dublin that will all have your Instagram feed looking on point. 

These restaurants would not only stand out by their unique aspects but also through the class of their menu. There are two important factors that make these restaurants stand out, they should be either intriguing or exciting. So whether you’re a local or your planning to visit Dublin, here are the most quirky and funky restaurants in Dublin that will brighten up your meals and expand your horizons. 

#1 TOKEN (72-74 Queen Street, Smithfield, Dublin 7)

Photo by Yelp

You might already have an idea from its name itself, “Token”, which is a restaurant and bar where customers can play 29 arcade games and 10 pinball machines. A preference for classics including Tetris, Street Fighter 2, Pac Man, or The Simpsons will entertain your evening. It has a timeless atmosphere that shoves anyone back into the golden age of coin-operated recreation. The eatery arranges events including quizzes, board games, and charity nights in most weeks. 

From ‘Big Dogs’ to ‘Packed Balls,’ the recipes are all prepared and cooked to order, that are made with 100% Irish meat and a larger part of the local procedure. If you’re a non-meat-eater you will find at least, a vegan alternative in each section of the feast list. The entire menu is served in biodegradable, plant-based or recyclable materials. And if you care about the planet, you will be happy that ‘Token’ is proud to be 95% plastic-free but still aims 100%.  

#2 YAMAMORI IZAKAYA SAKE BAR (12/13 South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2)

Photo by Yamamori

Izakaya in Japan is a type of informal bar that serves alcoholic drinks and snacks, which are pubs in Ireland. It’s the ideal sweet-sounding after-work spot to grab a pint and some snacks. Unlike most Japanese eateries, Yamamori pressed its national theme to the next level while keeping its Irish roots. Interestingly, if you see its exterior, the windows spotlight a dramatic adornment that takes you immediately to Tokyo’s streets. 

There are classic Kirin ads next to black-and-white images portraying the island life, and old movie posters embellish the walls. You would see bamboo steamers lights hang off the ceiling. Long-established Japanese pottery, stained glass, traditional carving and lengthy wooden tables complete the décor. We recommend that you try their single meat dish, ‘Beef Tataki Roll,’ which conceals in this fish and vegetable menu. The kings of the night, Norimaki, Nigiri, sushi and sashimi and their three delicious desserts including the Macha cheesecake. On the other hand, their bar boasts a wide collection of teas, whiskeys, sake that will graciously escort your food order.  

If you want a late-night fun, the basement has a bar and host events and Dj’s every week. Plus, the staff is amazing and the ambience is both relaxing and eclectic. 

#3 HANG DAI CHINESE (20 Camden St Lower, Dublin, Ireland, 2)

Photo by hangdaichinese.com

If you ask most people in Dublin right now about quirky restaurants, they are compelled to mention Hang Dai. When you see it from the outside, it’s just the same as any other Chinese restaurant, but going in and you discover yourself in what can only be described as a train carriage. The lengthy, neon-lit room is a large talking point, but what keeps the customers coming back is the food by chef Karl Whelan. Turning Chinese food presumptions on their head, they serve dishes such as scallop ceviche, crispy roast duck dumplings, and squid ink noodles, all intended to have you returning time and again.  

#4 THE CAMDEN EXCHANGE (72-73 Camden Street Lower, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2) 

Photo by inter-bar.com

The frontage top of ‘The Camden Exchange’ is wrapped by thousands of colourful flowers. Once you go inside, uncover the surprising stunning mix of industrial, vintage and street vibe design. The railings, in which lines up a vast selection of spirits and wines, surround the attractive L-shape wooden bar. Artworks with graffiti on visible bricks and framing of multi-coloured composition decorate the walls. If you look up, you will see that the ceiling displays copper pipes, joists, sheets of ridged iron and lamps hanging through window frames.  

We suggest that you sit by the thick security door adjacent to prison-like bars, by the Citroën Type H van or in the covered patio. Extensive latte-hue leather and purple-blue velvet couches will give you all the comfort you deserve. In terms of food, a selection of street fares such as skewers, ‘Fish and Chips’ and ‘Korean Chicken Bap’ are communal tables. People like to come back to this place because of its peculiar arrangement and the fun heated outdoor space. And don’t forget to try their tap beer choice and the creamiest Guinness which are to yearn for. 

#5 ADMIRAL RESTAURANT (1 Q-Park, Marlborough Street, North City, Dublin 1)

Photo by admiralrestaurant.com

Your taste buds will surely travel all the way to Eastern Europe and Russia in this nautical-themed restaurant. And before you even step in, you’ve already started the experience since a lighthouse would welcome you that stands above the frontage. What’s fun with this place is that the sailor-dressed staff, as well as the captain, will welcome you onboard their lavish establishment. Their dishes, decor, bathrooms, and almost all are created with powerful attention to detail. However, the best thing they have here is probably the creation of the giant aquarium embedded in their bar.