Flowers are the lovely gift of nature. Every flower has something to tell and has some unique properties that are appreciated by the world a lot. Right? The color, shapes, design, fragrance, etc. speak aloud different emotions and reveal the secrets of life. Yes, they do. Do you want to know which flower evokes what kind of feelings? So, you are in the right place. This article is all about revealing the secret meaning of different flowers, most adored by people around the globe. We are sure when you come to know about the real meaning of these flowers, then you will definitely say, “wow, I didn’t know that.” 

World’s Most Beautiful Flowers & Their Hidden Meanings

There are countless types of flowers in the world with different meanings. The good news is that you can get all these floral beauties using the online flower delivery in Chennai, Ahmedabad, or any desired place. What are you waiting for? So, let’s discuss what the top 5 world’s beautiful flowers say. 



Tulips have made the earth, a true heaven for humans. Although there are many meanings of the flowers, most preferably, it is used to convey the heartiest feeling that is called love. The flower itself signifies the nature of life. The flower comes in different colors, so their meanings are also distinct. E.g.; yellow tulips stand for unrequited love, red for passionate love, purple for royalty and pink stands for affection. So, if you love someone, then make sure you have bought the right color of tulip. 


The other flower on our list is roses, which is one of the world’s favorite flowers loved by people of every age. The beauty of roses also comes in a different array of shades depicting different meanings. Yes, that’s true! Red roses are quite popular and considered as the most enduring symbol of love. When it comes to expressing the feelings of love, red roses are always considered as the best pick. Pink roses stand for gratitude, cheerfulness and love commitments. This may be the reason why it is widely used in weddings. White roses symbolize new beginnings, respect, and hope. Orange roses mean passion and love and yellow roses are the symbolic meaning of friendship. So, it’s time to pick the right flower to express your right emotions.


There is nothing more special than the lovely lilies which always look beautiful in every type of arrangement. But do you ever think about what this flower actually means? Actually, “lily” word derived from the Latin word, Lilium, true lilies commonly symbolize royalty, motherhood, youth, passion, and rebirth. Talking about its different colors, then white lilies stand for purity, striped pink for ambition and encouragement, yellow and gold lilies for health and healing. Red lilies are used in weddings as they symbolize passion. 


The next flower on our list is Carnations, which is the magnificent flower of the Gods. This flower has mesmerized humans since ancient times. Every color of carnations depicts different meanings. When we talk about red carnations, then it is for love, white for good fortune, pink for maternal love, yellow for rejection, purple for instability and striped for regret. So, before you order carnations online, make sure you are picking the right flower to express your feelings. 


Iris is the gorgeous flower whose beauty is just inexpressible in a couple of words. Iris generally denotes wisdom and royalty. Sometimes, this flower is also used to encourage someone and salute their bravery. The exuberant color of iris can brighten up any space and make it quite a magical one. Every color of iris has something to say. Purple iris symbolizes royalty & wisdom, blue for hope, white for purity & innocence and yellow for passion. We guarantee that you never knew about the different meanings of the iris flower. 

The above-listed flowers are one of the world’s most favorite beauties which are adored by people of every age. The way they enlighten up the aura, as well as everyone’s life, is just amazing. Besides this, it is really important to know what they actually mean in our life. So, we hope you love this article and gain enough information.