The kitchen is the heart of the home. “It welcomes you with the scent of hot coffee in the morning and bids you goodnight with a glass of wine”. The kitchen brings an environment where family and friends can feel overwhelmed and welcomed. Due to these reasons, it makes you feel at ease in the kitchen.

If you have an unused corner in the kitchen, then you can choose Emma Bridgewater mugs. Due to its iconic designs, it can give an appealing look to your kitchen. You can also create a stylish and functional coffee nook. Hanging the Mugs and coffee cups gives an amazing look and changes the aura of your Kitchen.  

Mugs are one of those things that people always seem to have. Most of the time people often get mugs as gifts. Different varieties or collections of mugs provide an elegant look to your kitchen. Usually, mugs display a lot so why not show them off in your kitchen. 

Here are been defined some different ways to organize coffee cups:

Have a look!!!

1: Hangs mugs from Rail:

If you have a selection of a wide range of cups then it is quite a pretty simple solution and works well. It is understandable that if you have a lot of coffee cups then you want to show them off instead of hiding it in a cabinet. You can install a utensil bar and hang your pretty cups from the hooks. 

2: Make use of DIY Peg Board:

The time when you feel particularly crafty, you can make your own custom pegboard. Making the use of this board you can store all your mugs or coffee cups in it. You can design it in your own style and once it gets dry you can put the mugs in place with hooks.

Bonus tip: Having this pegboard, you can arrange the cups in numerous ways and style it like a pro. 

3: Install hooks under Cabinets:

Hanging the coffee cups from the rail is a simple way to décor the kitchen. You can also show off your favorite selected coffee cups. For achieving this type of look you can install the hooks on the bottom of your cabinets. Once you get completed with installing you can hang up the teacups and mugs as per your choice. 

4: Make your own Coffee Bar:

You can make your own coffee bar and put the cups in the cabinet. For making the coffee bar, you just need a copper pipe, S hooks, and wood boards. And the result that you will get is “Super Stylish Storage”. Also, you can paint the bar and embellish it. In short, it is fully personalized and gives a new and fresh look to your home kitchen. 

5: Opt for vertical shape:

You might not have a lot of room for bars and shelves. But if you can spare a little bit of vertical space, then you can sneak for mug storage. It gives you another way to style the mugs in a more rustic idea. Apart from it, give a modern look to your kitchen.

6: Display Mugs in floating shelves:

The next way to style the mugs in vertical space is to install small floating shelves. With the help of these shelves, you can place the cups wherever it makes sense in your kitchen. Else, you can also show off different Dunoon mugs on each shelf. The floating mug displays are a great idea to follow.