As for content marketing, you can optimize your website or blog for search engines. While Seo strategies change with time, SEO is still effective for ranking better. But important to avoid any mistakes when optimizing your website for SEO. Before making a decision, it is important to know that the Best SEO consultant India has a team of Digital Marketing Experts to safely implement the SEO criteria on the website. A couple of may SEO failures that most people make are provided below.

1. Selecting Incorrect Keywords

Optimizing content means ranking the website according to unique keywords. It is therefore essential that you opt for the keywords that are appropriate. Perhaps you don’t want to neglect the long-tail keywords. You may need to do your research when you get started. You could use some very useful resources for this task, such as Moz, Google Trends, and the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. It is a big mistake to use incorrect keywords.

2. Keywords stuffing

A common problem is the heavy use of the keywords. Search engines are considered as spam by using the same keywords too many times in a piece of content. Yeah, it’ll damage your search engine results. Preferably, the density of the keyword would be 0.5 to 1%. Google can identify the overuse of keywords using the Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) technique.

3. Generating Meaningless Content

Another major problem is that content is unrelated to your business. Search engines like Google support web search engines containing specific keywords and content only for certain pages. And, if users do not find the content they’ve been searching for on your website, It isn’t going to rank your web site.

4. Unoriginal Content Publishing

The quality of the contents you post on your website or blog is an important point. You must be original regarding the content that you post on your blog or your website is punished by Google. Therefore, copying and using content from some other website is not a good idea. Content duplicates would be useless at all. Moreover, investing in original content is safer. You should appoint a freelancer if you can’t write the content yourself.

5. Title Tags and Meta Descriptions not included

For SEO, Title tags and meta descriptions are quite necessary. Avoiding the SEO factor would be bad for ranking your website. Other mistake is forgetting to attach tags to the image. The issue is that bots on the search engine are not trained to read text on the images. So you need to add alt tags to help search engines understand what your images are about.

6. Having backlinks of poor quality

Content marketers nowadays need to realize the value of having quality backlinks. Even so, instead of a few quality backlinks from authority websites, they make the mistake of obtaining a number of cheap quality backlinks. In many other words, backlinks from pages with a strong reputation and high ranking should be obtained.

7. Using so many Internal Links

Internal links are also essential to good rankings. You need to connect your blog posts or articles to the top-performing pages and vice-versa. But please ensure the articles you ‘re linking are appropriate. Once, you do not want to overuse it or be penalized. In general, when practicing SEO strategies, please ensure you don’t make that same mistake.

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