Myths are a part of everyday human life. If there is the truth around the world, there will also be a similar kind of lies. It’s quite challenging to stop car owners from learning about these car detailing myths from their peers. But, what you can do is to educate them and let them know that the truth is far different than they initially thought it would be. 

Keeping the same in mind, we are sharing some top car detailing myths that you should be avoided at costs. You should also try educating others in case they believe in any one of them – created in collaboration with car paint protection in Gold Coast services.

The Car Detailing Myths That Should Be Absolutely Avoided

  • A Vehicle Can Be Washed At Any Given Point In Time


Even though you can proceed to wash your car any time of the day, you cannot do the same anytime you wish to. For example, if your car was out in the open receiving direct sunlight rays for an extended period – this means that your car’s internal components will get heated up. 

So, if you proceed to wash your car in such a condition, then water & soap will tend to dry up faster and thereby cleaning can become much more challenging. The best solution here would be waiting for the car to cool down before you can start your cleaning process. 

  • You Can Use Dishwashing Agent For Cleaning


It should be noted that you should not using dishwashing agent for your car’s cleaning needs. This is because a dishwashing agent is a highly oxidising agent. Apart from removing all the grime, dust and dirt – the cleaning agent will also remove the polymer coating from your car’s exterior. The polymer coating protects your car’s external finishing. This means that over time your car exterior paint will get scratches & will fade away. 

  • Washing & Cleaning Your Car Resembles The Same Task


There is a discrepancy between cleaning and washing because washing is all about cleaning the exteriors of your car. On the other hand, cleaning is not only about making the car’s exteriors look great but also the interiors. Cleaning should be accomplished at least a few times per year. 

  • If It Is Shiny, Then It Is Clean


You must remember that a sparkling car can prove to be dirty and deceiving to the human eyes. The only way you can know the car is clean is by giving the vehicle a touch with your hands. If the contact is smooth as touching a glass, then the vehicle is clean. But, if you tend to feel bumps in your touch, then it’s still dirty.