Ace Tractor is one of the finest tractor manufacturing companies all around. ACE stands for Action Construction Equipment Ltd. The founder of ACE is Vijay Agrawal and the company was established in 1995. It provides a wide range of tractor models at an affordable price. The company rolled out its first hydraulics mobile crane in 1995. ACE tractors started tractor manufacturing in the year 2008. ACE Tractor products are ISO 9001:2008 certified. 

ACE tractors are available in the price range of INR 5.00,000 – INR 8,20,000 and in variants ranging from 35 HP – 60 HP. Some of the most popular ACE Tractors are ACE DI 450 NG 4WD, ACE DI 6500 4WD, ACE DI 7500. ACE also exports to the entire Southeast Asia Subcontinent. ACE tractors is a new company in the market but it has established itself as a well-known and well-trusted company among the customers. ACE tractors sales increase 1.3% in February 2020 

The ACE is known for the innovation in the tractors, looks, and design of the product. The tractor has all the modern and advanced features for better convenience. It has top of the line hydraulic systems combined with advanced transmission systems that make the ride smooth. The latest ACE tractor ACE DI-450+ which has,

Product Specification:

  1. 3168 CC Engine at rated RPM of 540/1000
  2. 45 HP Engine 
  3. 38.3 HP PTO
  4. 8 Forward and 2 Reverse Gear Box
  5. Dry Disc Brake / Oil-immersed Brake

Key Characteristics of ACE TRACTORS: 

  • Quality is the key to every manufacturer out there, and ACE offers high-quality farming equipment and machinery. ACE offers best in class quality with a host of advanced features. 
  • Ace provides all the modern key features that a customer requires with best in class comfort with no compromises in the safety area. ACE Tractors manufacture their tractors with the latest technology available. 

Biggest highlights of ACE Tractors:

  • The biggest USP of ACE is it always offers innovative designs and technologically advanced products.
  • By extreme dedication and teamwork, ACE established itself as the best quality brand.
  • ACE tractors provide excellent mileage that always satisfies the customer.
  • After-sale service support is also best in class with enhancing the user experience and trust in the brand. 

ACE has an annual production capacity of 12,000 tractors. ACE DI-450+ is the most popular ace tractor in India. It is a 50 HP tractor with 4 cylinders and a powerful engine with a cubic capacity of 3168 CC, rated RPM of 2,300. The price of this tractor is INR 5,85,000 in India. ACE offers a wide range of products including all types of farming implements. In Actual Numbers, there are 60 plus products that ACE offers. It is located at over 100 locations, with an employee strength of over 3,300 and over 15,000 happy and satisfied customers. 

The highest HP category model of ACE in India is 60 hp i.e. Ace DI 6565 and ACE DI-450NG are the most sold products in India. There is every kind of tractor available in every kind of HP category. 

ACE constantly comes out with new innovations and product enhancements. Due to the wide range of products that it offers, ACE is able to offer tractors to suit all kinds of farming needs. For example, mini size tractors with power as low as 35 HP are also available for small scale farming needs.

ACE Tractors considers the safety of farmers to be of paramount importance and as such, pays detailed attention in checking and verifying the safety equipment and parts installed in each and every tractor.

After-Sales service is also one of the key highlights of the company ACE provides best-in-class customer service. The sales service support team is very dedicated to their work. The product warranty and guarantee is also one of the most important factors to consider when buying a tractor. ACE provides the best warranty and guarantee options to the customer on every product they provide. The insurance, finance, and loan facility is also available at ACE tractors in order to provide multi-services to the farmer under one single roof.