History is never forgotten. People say history keeps repeating itself; it is not bound to laws of physics regarding time. Well, what they say is true. History teaches us many things; wars, kingdoms, place etc. and each lesson left unlearned teaches us how to survive against a better end. When it comes to travelling you should be thankful to the world’s first cartographer, Al-Idrisi, who first made maps. 

Surprising isn’t it?

Thanks to him, we now have evolved maps into a global positioning system, and therefore travelling is much easier than the old times. Ah, for the love of travelling and exploring, we keep moving like a soaring bird from one place to the next. But how to decide which place to visit?

Once a year go someplace you’ve never been before”

And see the magic happen!

If it hasn’t been for the movie The Mummy

 Have you ever seen a historical kind of movie that really either spooks you or inspired you to do something? 

As a kid, the story of this movie fascinated me. The idea of haunted pyramids and a mummified villain was way too exciting to come true. Since then, watching every old movie from Alexander to Gladiator to Jodha Akbar, which depicted a kingdom rule, the most admirable one was the rule of the Sultanate. Hence the urge of travelling is always there, all you need to find is a good reason to travel. 

But does movie inspire us to travel? Absolutely it does!

Once upon a time after a sultanate ended

True to its core, many cities around the world once used to be part of history’s most powerful kingdoms. Get a clear look in Asia; Eastern Europe and Africa, there are cities you can marvel at due to their culture and traditions, historical landmarks and much more. If you are a travel freaky nerd, then do as I say and get to travel the following cities;


  • Turkey


It will be at the top of my travel list. I mean, just look at it! It’s a wonderful country. Brimmed with stunning landscapes, it was once ruled by the most powerful group, Ottoman Sultanate. Turkey is more than just a picturesque destination. With the dazzling views, it’s hard not to fall in love with the beautiful cities of Istanbul, Ankara – the capital city, a central commercial hub Ankara, coastline city of Izmir etc. leaves you speechless. 

And not to mention the Turkish seasons on-air has been captivating the audience too! What one learns as a traveller are the landmarks, beautiful hotels, landscapes, islands and beaches infused with tourists all year round.

Well, I am so pleased to add this country to my list to travel (that’s another thing if I’m unable to afford travelling!).


  • Somalia


Okay, so not what I had in mind right now, but upon thinking, shrugging I added this African country to visit too. Comparatively cheaper than turkey (thank goodness) I found some cheap flights to Hargeisa – the capital and central hub. Once upon a time ruled by the sultanate of Mogadishu, from 10th-16th CE, the Horn of Africa, as it turns out, has a pretty tense history. 

Well, nothing can dampen my spirits to travel! There are exciting cities to look out for, such as the capital city, Hargeisa, Mogadishu, Berbera, Merca or even the coastal land of Kismayo, I had it all mapped out. Some cheap travelling is a must and can’t be overlooked. 

With unique cultural vibes and hot summers, it will be a perfect country to visit as a pre-summer destination. Maybe I will finally get a good tan from travelling all around?!


  • Morocco


As long as I will be making travel arrangements to Somalia (which is soon enough) why not get a go-to Morocco? Officially known as the Kingdom of Morocco, it is famous for various ethnic groups living under one roof, in peace and harmony.  

Well despite being ruled, at one time by Romans, French and Muslims you will get to see many UNESCO World Heritage sites alongside the famous doors. Cities like Marrakech, Agadir, Casablanca etc. are eye candy to a nomad traveller. I may not be counted as one, but I will make my dream come true (one day of course!).

And so you know, morocco is quite famous for its souks (market places). So ladies and gentlemen, horn your bargaining skills as well. It’s in the news great haggling skills will come handy on your tour to Morocco.


  • Subcontinent (India and Pakistan)


Unlike the long bloody history of Somalia, this land of mixed people was a fantasy of mine to travel to. 

Those of you, who already got to travel to both countries, are well aware of what I’m talking about. Since the long historic time Mughal Sultanate (and many others that came before) both countries are known for its stunningly captivating lands. If on the eastern side you see the world’s wonder, Taj Mahal, in Agra (India) a, you get to see Badshahi Mosque in Lahore in the west part (Pakistan). And what’s the common ground between these two monuments? The Mughal architecture. 

The most cities to travel to in India include (what I think) is Mumbai, Delhi, Goa (I love beaches), Darjeeling (hill station) and well the rest depends on your mood. While in Pakistan the popular cities are Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and the world-famous Northern Areas!  

“Travel is never a matter of money but courage”

Some well said words, but in today’s economy, it does matter. But no need to be disappointed. If these above-mentioned countries can survive the long gone sultanates than sure enough, you can plan a holiday or a short trip to your favourite location(s).

History may be long forgotten but when you travel you relive every forgotten moment of the past and make memories of your own. So why not have stories to tell about your exploring when you grow old?