Go through any article online today, and you are bound to find the impact of COVID-19 mentioned without fail. Such has been the year of 2020, where a global pandemic threw the entire world into chaos.

While normalcy is being restored everywhere gradually, digital adoption has been the highlight of this entire recovery process. This has been the trend for every industry and sector.

While a global lockdown ensued, the education sector took one of the biggest hits due to the coronavirus pandemic. In recent months though, the education sector has taken a very promising digital route with top-class educational app development solutions.

Yes, the duration of courses with e-learning is a little longer, but the sheer versatility on offer is absolutely unmatchable. In fact, e-learning is now a major growth driver in the US, which highlights its growing dominance.

This upward graph of e-learning has made a number of companies, businesses, and innovators take a deeper look into the online education domain and implement ideas that are creative and deliver a stupendous learning experience.

This ‘intelligent education’ has done a lot of things right to take care of various issues that make life difficult for students. From the availability of study material online to interactive ways of learning, such features increase the overall interest of the users.

Technologies that are Suited for e-Learning Mobile App Development

Technology evolves at a very rapid pace these days, and this makes it highly important to make an e-learning app that will be able to stay relevant for a few years ahead at the very least. Mentioned below are some technologies that make the e-learning mobile app development process a breeze-

  • Robotics and Blockchain technologies for better security measures in online learning apps.
  • Use of AR and VR for making the entire app usage experience interactive and lifelike.
  • Big Data for the management of excessively huge amounts of data that are available.
  • AI and Machine Learning for rendering a better and more immersive experience.
  • Gamification is another great piece of technology that brings in better user engagement.

EdTech App Ideas That Could Make A Difference

When we talk about how online education has been making strong inroads in the overall education sector, educational app development solutions need to be more and more innovative in their approach for enticing a large number of users over time.
Here are some great ideas for e-learning apps that have the potential to make a big difference in the e-learning app development domain-

1- Enabling Learning with the Help of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a technology that’s become an unspoken recipe for the success of apps nowadays. AR in e-learning apps can be a highly promising business concept. After all, visuals do tend to stay for a much longer time than simple words or text.

With a startup that makes use of AR, you can ensure a lot of clarity in the concepts and lessons, in a greater degree of detail.

2- Course Selection Apps With Artificial Intelligence

Nobody panics more than a student confused with the career choices ahead. Providing them counseling regarding their course selection is a great business idea that can work beautifully.

Because there are a number of course options to choose from, providing the right career advice can leverage users in sticking to you for a very long time to come. By using the power of AI, the EdTech solution will help users answer certain questions to arrive at a conclusion for course selection.

With AI, learning user behavior and driving the observation in a similar manner is what helps it all for such a business concept.

3- E- Classroom Apps

Schools and other educational institutions have been closed for a long time now, and chances of them opening up soon enough are pretty slim too. To cope up with the physical absence of students and teachers from class, virtual classroom apps or e-classroom apps have found a lot of takers in recent times.

With virtual classrooms, students and their education are the two things that do not suffer at all. With video conferencing the dominant technology in virtual classroom apps, teachers and students can easily communicate with each other as they normally do in a physical classroom.

Such virtual apps also come with a built-in management system that brings about a seamless management experience for parents and the institution’s administration as well.

4- Language Learning Apps

Competition has grown leaps and bounds in the last few years, and students are doing everything they can to get an edge over their peers. Learning multiple languages is one such avenue that brings about a lot of enhancement in skills.

While learning new languages might not be an easy task at first, but with good language learning apps, this process becomes a lot easier for both children and adults. Learning apps can help in getting hold of grammar and vocabulary with engaging lessons.

5- Kindergarten Learning

The biggest task of parents is to begin with teaching their children some basic things before they go to their first school. With a kindergarten app, parents can positively utilize their child’s energies into something meaningful by providing them a learning curve early on in life.

The right kind of kindergarten app will surely lure a healthy amount of people to use the app.

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