For device and network security, Norton antivirus is the most popular name around the globe. Norton offers various plans according to the features and platforms. Norton antivirus plans are available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. Norton plans offer tools and services according to the device requirements. Norton antivirus installation is also very easy. But if you face any error like Norton error 8504 during installation then contact the Norton technical team and they will troubleshoot your error immediately. The Norton Mobile Security antivirus offers you a wide range of advanced and smart tools for keeping your phone device secure from malware and hackers. 


Best Malware Protection

Norton has a real-time protection feature which keeps running on your background for preventing all the threats. Whenever you open any file on your phone; Norton immediately scans the file you are opening and checks whether the file is safe to open or not. If the file seems malicious then your antivirus will not load the file on your phone and alerts you immediately. Whenever you connect your phone to any device; Norton checks all the incoming files whether they are safe to access or not. Norton SONAR provides zero-day protection whether it manages to keep the phone secure from the new threats.


App Advisor

Norton provides an app advisor for phone devices which inspect all the applications installed on your phone. When you install any application, Norton immediately runs a scan and allows the installation process when the application is secure otherwise Norton will interrupt the process and alert the user. Norton also keeps a deep insight on the installed application. If any application acts strange then Norton will detect the issue and alerts the user.


Web Protection

Norton web protection features prevent all malicious threats entering the device. While searching on the browser, Norton scans all the result pages for you and tells which page is safe to open and which one is not. It blocks all the dangerous sites for keeping your data and network secure.


Wi-Fi security 

For accessing the internet, we often connect our phones to Wi-Fi sources. But some of the hotspots can be dangerous. Cybercriminals often use public Wi-Fi for hacking people. Norton provides good protection to your network. Whenever you connect your phone to any Wi-Fi source; it will immediately tell you whether the Wi-Fi source is safe to access or not. If the Wi-Fi source is not secure then you should not access it. 


Secure VPN 

Norton antivirus also provides a secure VPN tool for phone devices. VPN tools are very useful while travelling as you often have to access public Wi-Fi. VPN will create a virtual network which prevents all the hackers from accessing your network. VPN changes the actual IP to a different location which ensures the other can’t find your real IP location.


Secure Banking

Today people prefer paying cardless. Just one click and you can easily purchase anything. People mostly use phone devices for making payments. Norton provides secure banking services to keep all the details of your payment and accounts secure. With Norton antivirus, you can keep all your online payments secure. 



Norton anti-theft feature allows you to track down your phone easily. If you are unable to find your phone then you can easily set an alarm on full volume to find it easily. If someone steals your phone; tries to open it and enter the wrong password multiple times then Norton will click the photo from the front camera and send it to you via email. The anti-theft feature also provides a remote wipe feature.

Some other features of Norton antivirus are proactive malware blocker, anti-phishing web protection, privacy advisor etc.