If you are in this article that means you are looking for the best stremio addon for the stremio platforms. Well, you are lucky, that’s for sure. As I was just about to tell my audiences everything about the stremio platforms and the stremio addons.

Stremio platform is a site that curates different streaming sites together. However, stremio platforms are limited to only a few options when it comes down to the stremio addons. You can see this limitation as a disadvantage, while on the other hand many see this limitation as a boon.

Stremio addons is a very competitive business. There are several addons competing with each other. Stremio platform is limited to only a few addons because it deals with only the best and leading addons. Hence, you can neglect the fact that you are limited to a few Stremio addons for the quality or top addons.

Top Stremio Addons Currently in the Market

The following addons that I am about to mention below are the best. These add-ons provide content from the licensed sourced. Hence, you do not have to worry about using any pirated software.

Let’s get to the list, shall w


Who does not know about the YouTube? Even a small kid knows what YouTube is and how does it work. This popularity has made YouTube the world’s number 1 streaming platform. When YouTube was first launched, it was a platform for viral videos. But today, YouTube is more than that. It has become one of the best streaming sites for all kinds of content.

Just think of any imaginable topic possible and you will find content related to that. That how big the YouTube platform has become. However, there are some limitations that are hard to catch. For instance, you will be redirected to the YouTube flatform from the streaming site.

YouTube is constantly improving itself. The live streaming feature is part of that improvement. YouTube in its early days does not have any live streaming features. But with the increase in demand, YouTube come up with these features in recent years.


If you are a gamer and are into eSports, then you would probably know about the twitch. It is one of the most like streaming site for the gamer. Gamers like Ninja, Shroud, DR disrespect are the regular streamers on the twitch channel.

Twitch is home for competitive gaming, but recently it has branched out to the other contents as well. There major gaming event like E3 is streamed live on the twitch channel.

So, you want to keep yourself updated with the happening in the gaming world then twitch can be the only place you can visit. And the best part of the twitch addon is that there is o login is required for you to watch the live streams. And you can directly watch them on the stremio site.


Who does not know about Netflix! There are many web series that are famous worldwide. Some of them are game of thrones, Stranger things, and the crown. Well, there is good news for you guys, stremio has a free add-on for it. The best part of the stremio site is that you are redirected to the addon site, so you do not have to show your login id to the stremio site. You can directly login to the Netflix site.

Using Netflix is good, but it comes with its flaws. It may happen that Netflix will show you a web series that is still not available for the user. In addition, it also blocks the user who login to thye Netflix with the help of the VPN.


Vodo is not a big site. It can only offer you with small indie movies mostly horror and surveillance types. The VODO database is just a fraction of the total of the Stremio site. It does not contain any blockbuster or super hit category that will allow you with the top movies. But yes, if you are a niche-based movie buff, then you may find the VODO library quite helpful for you.

Stremio addons that you should avoid

The above mentioned are the legal add-ons that you can use without any worries. Apart from that, there are also some pirated addons. To use those addons you may have to use the VPNs.

  1. tv
  2. RARBG
  3. Juan Carlos 2
  4. Popcorn time

These are some of the addons that you should try to avoid and if possible, never try to use any of these to minimize risk to yourself and to your system.


Stremio platform’s sole purpose is to give high quality and safe content to the user. It allows the user to access some of the biggest stremio addon sites for accessing valuable content. Always make sure to stay away from the pirated stremio addons.

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