Relying on the four wheels for a long journey, is it safe enough? Are we risking our lives while driving with bad tires? Driving with tires that are not checked properly is a big risk, and we are risking our lives when we are driving. The only contact between us and the path are the four tires, even whose area of contact is nearly equivalent to the size of our palms. Don’t you think that tires are what should be taken care of the most in our cars? Yes, tyre service is necessary to ensure safety while driving.

The negligence of tyre servicing can even lead to the most undesirable mishaps. Taking care of the condition of the tires is very important. It is not only dangerous but also illegal to drive with non-roadworthy tires.

You must be having questions like is mechanical knowledge important for proper tire maintenance? How to gather knowledge about tires? And most importantly, how to take care of the tires?

Here Are Some Ways That Would Help You Take Proper Care Of Your Tires:

  1. Is Pressure Important?

Tyres Service

Overinflated tires are the most dangerous. They usually lose nearly one pound per square inch of air every month. Even under inflation depends upon the weather conditions. In cold weather, the tires lose more air. So if you’re irregular at checking your tire pressure, then you are risking too many lives.

It is noted that most of the accidents are caused due to under-inflated tires. Though the tires are expensive, their lives can be made cost-effective by checking their pressure regularly.

  1. Overload – Say A Big No

In every vehicle, there is a placard displaying how much weight the vehicle can handle safely. Usually, overloading leads to tire failure. Hence, less is the best.

  1. Round, Round, Round

To get the maximum life out of your tires and to maintain the tread wear of the tire, it is recommended that your tire rotates 6,000 to 8,000 miles. The front tires carry more weight of the car than the rear tires and hence are more prone to wear and tear. There are about four types of tire rotation: cross rotation, straight rotation, 5 tire rotation, and 4 wheel rotation.

  1. Align The Wheels

Aligning the wheels is the process of properly aligning the wheels and axles. The proper wheel alignment ensures that the vehicle is at its optimum level. This increases the safety level. They protect the tire from premature wear and tear and even helps in saving fuel. When the tires are not aligned properly they cause vibrations that are most noticeable during high-speed journeys.

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  1. Don’t Mismatch

The mismatching of tires increases the chances of early wear and tear on the other tires and other components of the car.

  1. It’s Time For New Tires

Using the same tire after it has crossed its threshold can lead to unnecessary risks. Almost all the tires have wire bars between the treads of the tire. When the tread depth is at or below this bar, it’s time to discard them. Usually, the time for the replacement of the tires varies with various factors like kilometers driven, the driving style, the climate, and storage. Though the tires are expensive to buy, still they should be checked regularly and should be replaced when needed instead of waiting for them to reach the minimum tread depth.

Not only your health is important, but the health of your vehicle matters too. Take your car for regular check-ups to the specialist. Also, ensure that tyre service is provided frequently to ensure safety. The healthier your vehicle is, the safer you drive.