Want to look rich? It’s not really that easy. We normally associate money with success and most of us want to be successful. The difference between actually being rich and just looking rich is the style and attitude. You don’t need plenty of money if you want to look sophisticated and classy. All you need is some little work in your attitude, style, and confidence to help you achieve that rich and classy vibe. 

So how can you communicate wealth with your appearance, even if you don’t yet have all the money to match it? In this article, we’re going to share with you top ways how you can look rich without breaking the bank. 


Yes to Classy, No to Flashy 

Notice how people with new money usually wear excessively flashy clothes and are always aiming to be in the first line for the current trends? On the other hand, old money people would choose to wear classic men’s designer clothes that will endure the test of time. Where do you want to see yourself? Of course, you would want to be on the side of the old money. It’s the kind of wealth that stretches to multiple generations. 

These type of people would commonly maintain their stylish and luxurious look in a subtle manner by wearing a classic polo shirt partnered with a pullover sweater (on chilly days) and khaki pants. Look at those men who ride their humongous yacht, that’s how classic you should dress. The goal here is to look simple yet classy which tells a lot without even saying anything at all. 


Have Your Clothes Tailored 

A man who wears fitted garments is a sign of wealth, class and elegance. Wealthy men would have their clothes made to measure; they leave the doors of chain store to the rest of the men. Have your clothes tailored to achieve a refined look without the need to break the bank. Low to medium-end clothing if tailored will look bespoke and high-end. You can instantly add $500 to the appearance of a suit just by having it perfectly fitted. 

It’s weird that plenty of guys don’t use tailors for a reason. They probably think that it’s pricey and consumes so much time or maybe they don’t have any idea where to begin. If you’re one of them, you can start looking for a local tailor with great reviews. If you have doubts, you can take your old piece of clothing altered just to see before you proceed with a new suit. 

A great tailor will measure you and take note of these measurements so that after several visits and adjustments, you’ll be able to set your clothes off and return back when they’re done. If you wish to look rich, it’s time to start building a relationship with an experienced tailor. You’ll be surprised and happy to see the difference that tailored clothes make. 


Pull Your Complete Look Accessories

Accessories are a big help to have a luxurious put together look. If you know how to mix and match accessories, they can make you look posh and important. Here are some essential menswear accessories that you can wear to maximize your wealthy person vibes. 

  • A leather bag. It’s not weakening to carry a leather bag. It’s actually stylish, functional, and the best way to tell your importance. But you need to remember that you don’t need to bring your leather bag to extremely casual places and to the beach, you don’t want to look weird and pretentious. 
  • A classy watch. Several accessories are more typical rich-looking than a sleek watch. You don’t really need a Rolex, especially if you can’t really afford it. Just make sure that it looks high-quality and uniquely stylish. 
  • A sleek belt. When it comes to your belt, you need to make sure that you can use it for almost every occasion. Look at your belt, maybe you haven’t upgraded it since high school. It’s time that you invest in some must-have belts for various occasions. You can begin by choosing a braided belt for casual outings and a good leather belt for business casual/formal attire. 


Invest in Your Footwear

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing the best suit you bought from Italy, a nice styled pocket square and the perfect pair of trousers if you’re wearing the cheapest-looking shoes with cracks, scratches, and marks. You can already tell a person’s income, gender, and age by just looking at a picture of their shoes. The faux-leather Oxfords you bought at your mall’s department store can’t fool anyone! 

All you can do is to wisely invest in your footwear if you want to think people you’re rich. Furthermore, you must polish them daily to keep them looking classy and new. You don’t even need to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes, just make sure that they are made from quality leather since most people look at your shoes first.