Almost any major, sometimes even minor investments require people across almost all the economic strata to take a loan. Be it buying a car, a house, or for our case, a tractor. Being a farmer in the 21st century means being able to manage a lot of capital up-front to be able to make farming a viable long-term option. Regardless of whether you’re a farmer first or whether you’re just taking up farming as a hobby. Thus, it’s more than vital that every farmer gets a chance to be able to have access to the best loan policies that are specially created to cater to a farmer’s needs.


However, taking a loan also means making appointments with the bank, long waiting times, not to mention the cost and time it takes making the journey. But, all that said, taking a loan is an almost inevitable undertaking when making any long-term, large-scale investment, especially with something like buying a tractor. So, is there any possible way to make that inevitability just a little bit more comfortable for the end user? Can the experience of long-term financing be made easier for the consumer by the brands these people/organisations are committing to associate themselves with?


The short answer, is yes. What’s more, brands are already doing it! The best example comes from Digitrac. A part of the Escorts group, Digitrac manufactures some of the best tractors in India. With their latest tractors being stocked full of the latest technology, there’s absolutely no denying the fact that these things, among countless others, are what make Digitrac’s tractors the best tractor models in India. However, apart from their great product range and accessories, Digitrac also offers a massive range of tractor services. Including giving their customers the ability to buy insurance online and even get a second-hand tractor evaluation for any older tractor they might wish to sell. But, the particular that bears mentioning here is that Digitrac customers can get a tractor loan online and its contribution in making Digitrac the success that it is.


For any customer, being able to get a loan that’s feasible, both in terms of the financial aspects, i.e., the interest, premium rates, etc. and also the policy benefits specific to the needs of the said farmer, would be essential. With Digitrac’s online-only platform, each and every customer who ends up taking a loan from the brand is looking at least to avail the following two benefits:


Here, the consumers are getting both the convenience of time and money. To elaborate, they are saving time on travel, formalities, waiting, etc. and saving all the expenses one would incur on all these factors.

Brand Trust

With a brand like Digitrac offering services like these, not only the service itself, but also the way in which it is presented, any consumer is more than likely to stick to their brand. The primary reason for this is that the combination of both being able to buy the tractors and get a loan for the same, all from the convenience of one’s home is an obvious contributing factor.


In conclusion, offering one’s customers the option to finance in conjunction with the brand is not only beneficial to the brand in terms of exponentially gaining every single consumer’s trust, but also being able to increase the consumer base. In this instance, the good word will literally spread as stated, through word of mouth. With Digitrac’s online-only platform becoming the centre of focus and all people, i.e., potential customers finding out that the online platform not only provides access to some world class 50HP tractors (amongst other engine sizes), but also services that make digitrac more than a tractor manufacturer, it makes it a complete ecosystem.