Air conditioners may have been becoming common in India. Air coolers are still loved by many households across the nation. 

People prefer this cooling solution owing to its lower investment, reduced maintenance, being eco-friendly and long-lasting performance. 

If you have also been making up your mind to bring home an air cooler this summer, then choosing the right one may be a tough task. 

However, you may be able to do that by first understanding the types of air coolers available in the Indian market and which one is best for your needs.  

Types of air coolers in India at a glance

  • Personal air coolers 

Personal air coolers are compact, small and are portable that you can place near your bed, sofa and dining table. The water tank capacity of such air coolers is 25-40 liters. They have blowers for better air delivery inside the place they are kept in. They are also equipped with castor wheels so that you can take it from one room to another. Compared to a desert air cooler, they cough up less energy and don’t make much noise. You can rely on them to cool a small area like a bedroom and a living room. If you are a bachelor or a couple, then having a personal air cooler is the best solution. The price of a personal air cooler in India begins at around Rs.5,000. 

  • Desert air coolers 

Desert air coolers are designed to cool larger areas and are bigger, with an increased water tank capacity of 40-60 liters. You can use a desert air cooler even for outdoor uses. If you face dry weather conditions, then you can use these types of air coolers to comfort you. Since they have large water tanks and powerful pumps, you can use them for long hours without filling water and enjoy continued cooling. They are also provided with castor wheels so that you can take them to any place as per your wish. Be it halls, banquet halls, restaurants, offices and prayer houses and more; you can use a desert air cooler conveniently. You may bring home a desert air cooler at around Rs.10,000. 

  • Tower air coolers 

Tower air coolers are fit for cramped spaces to enjoy superior cool air delivery without issues. They are slim air coolers and fit any space while needing a small operational area. With a water tank capacity of 20-40 liters, they are perfect cooling solutions for long hours. They also don’t need higher maintenance, unlike desert and other air cooler variants. They have castor wheel support, which means you can take them from one room to another easily. If you are living in a cramped space and want an efficient cooling solution, then a tower air cooler is the best bet this summer. The starting price of a tower air cooler in India is around Rs.5,000. 

  • Window air coolers 

As the name suggests, window air coolers, like AC, are installed in a window. They don’t occupy much space as they are placed in the window to suck hot air from outside easily and provide cool air. If you don’t want to install them in a window, you can always fix castor wheels and place them anywhere as per your wish. The water tank capacity of such air coolers is around 20-50 liters and fit for homes, offices and small spaces. The price of a window air cooler in India begins at around Rs.5,000.     

You just went through the types of air coolers that are available in India over multiple price segments as well as for different needs. Based on your preferences and budget, it will now be easier for you to pick the best air cooler this summer and shoo away heat.