If you are new to boxing or someone who wants to be a part of the boxing world, then there are many things that you would want to know.

There are undoubtedly many things that one needs to know about boxing, and for sure the first thing you must be trying to gain knowledge about is the boxing gloves.

Yes, they look the same, but they are specialized to perform different tasks. Yes, we have brought you information that will tell you about the types of boxing gloves that are present.

Let’s explore the different types of boxing gloves that are out there:

  1. Bag gloves

These gloves are used against heavy bags and have more padding in the knuckles compared to any other type of boxing glove. They are designed in such a way that they offer maximum protection to the hands and wrists.

They have ample wrist support. The primary bag gloves and the training gloves differ from each other just because of the amount of padding used. These bag gloves are used by the boxers to perform training and exercise when working on punchbags.

  1. Training gloves

A must-have and every boxer has a pair in their bag. These gloves are made for multiple purposes and are intended for pads, sparring, and shadow boxing work. These gloves are popularly used by beginners.

These gloves are made with sufficient padding and are kept light-weight for optimized punching speed.

  1. Sparring gloves

They are designed as an all-rounder pair of gloves and are made with extra padding.

These are designed in a way that not only protects you but also helps you in protecting your sparring partner. They can be a bit heavier because of the extra padding inside them.

They protect you and your partner from serious injury, and if you’re a beginner, then you should buy them. These are generally lightweight in comparison to the punchbag gloves.

  1. Competition boxing gloves

These are either 8oz or 10oz lace gloves and have less padding in the knuckles, and are made in such a way that your opponent will feel your strikes.

The competition boxing gloves are often approved boxing gloves in amateur and professional competition fights.

Essential Tips to Help Choose the Right Pair of Gloves for Yourself

We have mentioned the types of boxing gloves available above, but there are certainly some tips that you can keep in mind whenever you go to choose a pair of gloves for yourself. So, let’s have a look at the points to summarise.

  1. Buy the correct weight boxing gloves – there are many sizes so check a boxing gloves size chart.
  2. Make sure you buy gloves which are fit for purpose
  3. Buy leather boxing gloves as they will last for much longer than others.
  4. Remember to buy gloves that fit you and protect your hands
  5. Choose a pair of gloves that offer good breathability

You can also read reviews of products before purchasing. You can also search online by typing the best boxing gloves in the UK to find out more about different types of boxing gloves.

In conclusion, these are the types of gloves. Gents boxing gloves are available everywhere, and if you’re looking for ladies boxing gloves then there are a few good companies and shops which sell them – although options are often limited, you can search for them online too where you will find many more options.

We hope that this topic has not only helped you to better understand the types of boxing gloves available but also the tips in finding the best pair(s) for yourself.