A Personal Injury lawsuit and the evidence to be presented in the courtroom

Evidence in a personal injury case can be into two groups: physical evidence and non-physical evidence. Both can be important to your case and help explain to the panel the injury you have experienced and the charges you have survived.

Physical Evidence: 

Substantial evidence 

  • At first, these are matters that the judge can have personal communication with.
  • Moreover, it has destroyed vehicles or a healing wound.
  • Further, the board can recognize to get a distinct opinion of the conflict and its consequences.


  • Most importantly, this cannot be defended entirely and may be necessary to record the proof in the photographic convention.
  • On the other hand, this involves the instant picture of your injury, original injuries, and corrective surgeries.
  • Personal Injury Lawyer can handle all the evidence and situation on your side.
Personal Injury lawyer
Personal Injury lawyer

No Physical Evidence  

Cop records 

  • Besides, the police report from an accident is an official and impartial statement about the accident day.
  • Then, it can be used to benefit in cases where the defendant has proceeded trespassing.


  • Similarly, this is a prefatory declaration statement given by spectators under promise, outside the courtroom. 


  • Testimony is the details by witnesses on the stand.
  • Additionally, the two types of witnesses are normal witnesses and expert witnesses.
  • Normal witnesses can provide to what happened at the accident zone.
  • An expert witness is an expert opinion on a piece of evidence or details.

Medicinal bills 

  • One must present the Medical charges to show the substantial monetary consequence of your injuries.

Medical documents  

  • Medicinal records go into complete detail about your injuries.
  • And to handle all this in court, you will need a Personal Injury Lawyer.

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