One of the most difficult forms of pain one can cure is back pain, especially when it is closely related to the spine. Back pains develop slowly, barely unnoticeable, and suddenly one day, when you haphazardly sit on a chair, you are dealt with an immense amount of pain. There are also times when you develop back pain and never bother to consult a Spine Doctor in Udaipur, making it a part of your life. But, in any scenario, there comes a day when you cannot avoid visiting a doctor. When that day comes, it is always good to know the types of therapy that can help you overcome the pain.

This quick article will guide you through the main types of Spine Doctor in Udaipur and which one should you consult.

Types of Spine Doctors

There are two main types of spine doctors you can find. There are ones that have a keen understanding and focus on the back and spine issues with regards to the nervous system. This kind of doctor is called Neurosurgeons. There are also orthopedic surgeons who unlike Neurosurgeons, focus on a different practice related to spine and back issues that are to do with the bones and skeletal system. In other words, a neurosurgeon would look at issues like spinal cord problems, whereas you would go to an orthopedic surgeon for a crack in the back or damage to the bones that are causing your pain. 

While talking about spinal surgeries, it’s a unique case where both orthopedic and neurosurgeons participate during the surgery. Apart from these two, there are several other doctors that you might consult when faced with problems in the back or spinal area. 


  • Your general doctor 


If it’s muscle soreness or an instant pain that has developed due to some recent activities, it is best to visit your general or family doctor. They are trained doctors with a keen focus on General Practice, who can help you with immediate aid for your pain. They tend to prescribe muscle relaxants, painkillers, and some basic exercises that, if done properly, will diminish your pain completely. However, if your pain is much more serious, you’ll need to consult someone who specializes in back problems. 


  • Rheumatologists


If you have been suffering from arthritis about the spine, a Rheumatologists is the one you should consult. Rheumatologists are certified doctor with years of training in the field of arthritis of every kind. If your general doctors see any symptoms of issues like spondylitis of any kind, they would immediately recommend you to a Rheumatologists. However, it is not always important to consult a specialist Spine Doctor in Udaipur like Rheumatologists immediately. If you have instant pain or pain due to certain movements these are not the doctors you need to visit. The rheumatologist’s only deal with issues related to arthritis. It takes years to develop symptoms of arthritis. Several stages come before you get arthritis and there are other doctors including physicians who fan hell you battle your pain away before it manifests into arthritis. 


  • Osteopathic Physicians


As opposed to all the above-mentioned practices that involve, at a certain level, operating the patient with a spine problem, osteopathic physicians are trained to treat spine issues more spiritually. They are trained and certified professionals who spend years in practice to garner knowledge and insights into how the environmental and behavioral factors can result in the wellbeing of a human body. When you visit an osteopathic, they will encourage you to make lifestyle changes, development in your habits and environment to bring relief to you. Although they are certified to prescribe medicines and even perform minor surgeries if required, they tend to focus more on the nonsurgical and medication factors to cure you. In other words, if you have the time and patience, visiting an osteopathic physician is the best option to consider wine dealt with any sort of back or spine pain. 


  • Chiropractors


Chiropractors are certified professionals who use the magic of their hands to put your body back into it’s required form. Something similar to a masseuse with an immense amount of knowledge about the human body, Chiropractors work on adjustments to the body to cure any sort of pain. These therapy/adjustment sessions go on for weeks until you feel right.  

These were some of the top types of Spine Doctor in Udaipur you can consult. Have you visited a spine specialist before? How was your experience? Let us know down below in the comments. Stay Healthy!