What to expect when you are not expecting anything at all. Well, we experience tyre failures only when we are not aware of it. So why wait for it to happen? Read further to know everything you have been missing out about tyre failure.

Well, it can be a traumatic and potentially dangerous situation when you are driving, and something goes wrong with your Tyres Ponthir, especially at highway speed. Maybe, there was a separation, blowout, or some unexpected flat. Whatever is the reason, if a tyre is defective and put you in any of the situations mentioned above, the results can be disastrous.

Common Tyre Failure Reasons

Commonly Occurring Tyre Failure

  1. Cracking and Bulging
  2. Cupping
  3. Heel-toe
  4. Feathering

When to Expect Tyre Failure if it’s Not a Manufacturing Defect?

We always look out for things that last longer; the same applies to the tyres. We want our tyres to go on for as long as possible. But sometime, they just couldn’t pull it off for much longer or suddenly blow-out without warning.

As a general human nature, we like blaming others, and, in this case, too, we put it on the manufacturer. We believe it to be some manufacturing defect. When in reality, most of the time, the cause of tyre failure leading to a blowout or premature tyre replacement was completely avoidable. It was just a matter of a little more care and attention during routine maintenance or while driving.

Major Causes of Tyre Failure

Major Causes of Tyre Failure


It can be considered as the no. 1 cause for the tyre failure. Most of the time, the tyres are under-inflated, and we don’t give them attention. In this situation, they flex more in the sidewall. The excessive flexing causes them to heat up beyond normal operating temperatures. When the tyre gets excessively hot, the rubber begins to degrade, which if driven long enough, leads to a rupture in the sidewall of the tyre, or tread separation. The result is an immediate or sudden loss of air pressure, often accompanied by a loud bang as the tyre explodes.

Rapid/ Irregular Wear Due to Mechanical Issues

Tyres Cwmbran tread wear is something that happens eventually over time. If it’s regular wear, the tread will reduce evenly all over the tyre tread, but if it is due to some defect, it will wear out unevenly.

The treadwear because of mechanical issues is due to two common reason:

  1. Misalignment
  2. Broken/Worn Suspension


If the tyre is not aligned correctly, the rubber ends up wearing faster on one side of the tyre compared to the other.

Broken/ Worn Suspension

The broken or worn out suspension creates either cupping on shoulder tread blocks or a diagonal stripe wear across the surface of the tread.

Road Hazards

It doesn’t matter how safely you drive; sometimes, it is not possible to avoid pot-hole or an obstacle on the road. So, when a tyre runs over a pot-hole or an obstacle, the tyre takes the full brunt of the impact. This might feel like a little hiccup for a vehicle, but it can cause a chunk to come off the tyre or a large crack to form on the sidewall where the cords have broken.

These tyre failures are easily avoidable if you get your car and tyres serviced regularly. Trade Price Tyres is a place to go for all your tyre solutions. We suggest the best advice and deliver excellent service.