Ride-hailing business is in demand worldwide. Many big companies have entered this market like Uber, Ola, Lyft. Potential of taxi business is so high, that many companies and young entrepreneurs have started investing in this business. Uber is leading the taxi service industry, It started with a concept of app, and now they are serving in more than 70+ countries worldwide. Uber is known for its revolutionary change in ride-hailing business. Success of such taxi service apps has encouraged many developers and app development company to invest their time and money into the development of such an Uber clone app

Uber-like app development is in demand, as a lot of businesses want to compete and start their own taxi business.

Technology used to build Uber clone app

Geographical Location and Navigation: This application has a built-in GPS system, which means you can track the taxi location anytime and anywhere. This also added a safety feature when using a taxi. Navigation technology allows the driver to see the drop and pick up point of the riders. In android Google Location Service API, Google Maps android Api is used and in ios Core Location Framework, Framework Mapkit is used for efficient functionality of the app feature.

Instant Push Notifications and Management: Application is integrated with this feature, this allows the user and driver to get a notification every time the user books the taxi, and when the driver accepts the ride. The app is integrated with Apple Push Notification Service(APN) and Firebase Cloud Messaging(FCM). This integration allows smooth and seamless functioning of the Uber clone application.

100% Secured Payment Gateways: Integrating all the advanced payment methods, let users pay for the ride. Users can pay for a ride via Cash or Credit/Debit card, Paypal, UPI, E-Wallets. Payment gateways needed to be 100% secured, so the user is assured about his safety. Application is integrated with Apple Pay, Google pay, Paypal’s SDK, Braintree for the 100% secured payment.