Uber clone app has all the major functionality and features. We all are familiar with the potential of a ride-hailing business. Uber is one of the first companies to provide an app-based taxi service that has brought a revolution in the taxi service business. Riders can book a ride anytime anywhere with just a tap on a phone. After analyzing such immense success and profit, entrepreneurs and business owners see ride-hailing business as a great option. Other taxi service businesses like ola, lyft, ride, have successfully established themselves in the market. So coming with a fresh and effective uber clone app can kickstart and establish your unique brand in the market. 

Uber Clone Various Apps:

People know this app as one application, but simultaneously 3 apps or panels are working at the same time. 

User Application: The user can download this application via play store or app store. Users can choose to ride now or schedule a ride with the application. Application has features like built-in Gps, Integrated payment, coupon section, previous ride details, ride types option. Users can select any option as per their choice.

Driver Application: Every Time users book a ride, a nearby driver is allocated to a particular ride request, Driver application has an option to accept or cancel the ride. Driver application has features like In-built navigation system, weekly and monthly earning report, Instant alerts. Drivers can work as per their convenience.

Admin or God Panel: This plays an important role in daily functioning of the application. Admin panel manages each and every task that happens on a daily basis, from taxi booking to ride management. The Admin panel is the heart of the Uber clone. Admin panel has features like trip management, fare calculation, surge prices, ride statistics, earning statistics. Admin panel helps in effective and efficient management of your business


Ride-Hailing business is growing worldwide, and to compete directly with established businesses you need to develop a new and modified on-demand application. For that, you need to invest in an app development company.