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In a matter of no time, the corridors have fallen silent, canteens lie abandoned, and no more sounds of laughter are heard from the campuses. The Covid-19 pandemic has left educational institutions bereft of the presence of students. The rate at which the outbreak has spread to different parts of the world has forced the central and state governments of Zambia to shut down educational institutions and schools as a precautionary measure.  Even though the country is battling the pandemic with a lockdown, yet professionals did not turn their back to their primary responsibility of educating students with the same quality standards. Overnight, educators had to change their mode of teaching and adopt new steps to keep the ball rolling. Well, this sudden change in the method of teaching and learning might take you through loads of questions. Such as despite digital gap, how will Zambia be able to embrace this new mode of learning? Will it lead to innovation in the field of education? Or will it fall flat on the face for the lack of a more agile infrastructural set up in all the Universities in Zambia? Well, this blog will certainly answer all your queries. Let’s check out! 

Measures to Cope with COVID-19 in Education 

 Although it would be wrong or rather too early to judge how reactions to COVID-19 will affect education systems in the long run, but these experimental changes can bring a lasting impact on the trajectory of learning digitization and can well manage the gap created by this pandemic. 

  • Online virtual classes 

 Universities and other higher education institutions in Zambia have instantly turned to conduct online classes, virtual assignment submissions, and teacher-student online interactions. Though physical class is diametrically different from conducting an online class, yet professors have pitched in enthusiastically to continue education despite of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 outbreak. What’s adding on to the success of a redefined classroom setting and students adhering to their academic calendar without any interruption is the continuous effort and determination made by faculties as well as the ability to access technology. Many corporates are also getting engaged to interact virtually with the students to contemplate the effects of the lockdown on business and how industries would be gearing up to face life post COVID- 19. 

  • Safe admission processes are conducted online 

To ensure the safety of students, parents and their staff, all the universities in Zambia have made their admission 100% online and have adopted a range of virtual methodologies to facilitate the entire admission process. This is yet another awe-inspiring step taken by the institutions for the next academic session. Some universities are using webinars for sharing information on programs, video calls for one-to-one interactions, while others are providing virtual campus tours to showcase the campus life and facilities available. Only e-applications are being accepted from candidates applying for different programs through virtual interviews, post which the results are being declared online, along with fees payment and other admission formalities. 

  • With just little steps, students too can manage this huge gap!  

Just as every little step makes a great impact, students too can do their part in managing this huge gap caused due thpandemic by: 

  • Simply staying safe and healthy at home.  
  • Attending every online class regularly, 
  • Making good use of this Covid-19 lockdown period to finish up all the pending assignments, read and research as much as possible in areas of interest and life post-COVID 19 
  • Introspecting on the direction students want for their life 

This pandemic has made people realize that quick responses to disasters and quick adoption of alternate solutions in hard times can help in continuity and resilience. This is also a great reminder to all the universities of Zambia that students mostly need skills such as: an ability to handle unexpected realities, making informed decisions, creative problem solving, and above all, adaptability.  

When most universities concentrate on completing just the syllabus, the Cavendish University of Zambia helps students not only to cope up with unpredictable situations but also helps them face and win over the new challenges! It’s one of the top Universities in Zambiafully committed to provide its students with every opportunity to continue their studies and remain on track to graduate on time, while also keeping students’ health on priority. The management of Cavendish University Zambia along with the Government’s directive has decided to resume online classes, suspending all face-to-face classes temporarily. Lecturers and teaching staff are doing their best to support students to continue with their studies while maintaining the standard academic experience that students expect from the University.  

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