In human body, skin holds pores through which sweats are secreted. Similarly, scalp also has some pores which secret oils to keep scalp hydrated and moist. When this scalp is washed with shampoo, natural oils are washed off and scalp gets dried.In this situation, dry scalp creates problems on humans. Hair becomes unmanageable. But, some people holds oily scalp which secrets excess oils. This oily scalp attracts dirt and dust particles which get deposited on scalp and hair.Oily scalp needs much attention and care for washing scalp with shampoo.Special types of shampoos are designed for oily scalp.So, people with oily scalp should use shampoo for oily scalp India for cleansing hair.

Cause of oily scalp

There are some common reasons of oily scalp due to few reasons as listed below:

  • Excess brushing of hair
  • Genetics
  • Excessive usage of chemical based products
  • Fine hair
  • Using of hot water for washing of hair
  • Deficiency of vitamin B

Some shampoo for oily scalp India has been designedto clear oily scalp. In some shampoos, ingredients are mixed such that excess secretion is controlled.The presence of vitamin B6 and salicylic acid makes hair nourished with soft texture.Keratin is also added to shampoo for volume of hair.Shampoo for oily hair India is loved by manypeople in other countries. Some shampoos are incorporated with ingredients for perfect balance of hair. While cleansing hair for oily scalp with dirt, it will recover split ends. Suita herbal extract can manage all the properties of shampoo for oily scalp and dry ends.

Shiny look of hair

Some shampoo for oily hair India may contain extracts for citrus and green teawhich willstrip off excess oil from hair and also will nourish hair to give shiny look. Lemon extracts may be integrated with shampoo to clear excess oil or sebum and to offer refreshing feeling. In some cases, green tea extracts are infused with shampoo to extract excess oilfrom scalp and hydrate scalp at the same time. The persons may have some refreshing feeling after using the shampoo. Green apple extracts may act as antioxidant which can cleanse hair by removing excess oil. Some nutritive formulacan cleanse scalp by removing excess oil and dirt from scalp.

How to use

Apply shampoo for oily hair India on wet hair and massagegently on scalp. Circulate hands on hair and gently move towards tip of hair. Rinse hair with water and feel whether hair or scalp is still greasy.Repeat the process,if user feels scalp still greasy. Ketomac shampoo can be used to treat oily scalp and to remove dandruff.  The formula contains ketoconazole which is antifungal agent.It remains as 2% inaqueous suspension.Fungal infection can create dandruff and ketomac shampoo can remove oily scalp with dandruff.The agent kills fungi by attacking cell membrane. The synthesis of cell membrane is prevented and fungi are killed.