Vocal hygiene means take care of your voice. Professionals likes teachers , singers uses their voice on regular basis , hence they are very prone to voice related problem such as hoarseness of voice and they really needs more attention and care. Dr. Ashesh Bhushan as an ENT specialist surgeon in Greater Noida, is sharing some useful tips about vocal Hygiene. Here are some brief points shared by Dr. Ashesh Bhushan about basic Dos and Don’ts in order keep your voice healthy.

  • Vocal
    • Avoid whispering.
    • Take voice rest.
    • Avoid singing and mimicry.
    • Avoid shouting/screaming.
    • Avoid speaking without breath support.
    • Do not hold breath before speaking.
    • Avoid throat cleaning.
  • Non-Vocal
    • Do not tense facial structure while speaking.
    • Avoid smoking/tobacco.
  • Classroom Management
    • Minimise background noise before lecturing.
    • Reduce speaker listener distance.
    • Avoid chalk dust if it causes irritation.
    • Reduce fan noise before lecturing.
  • Diet
    • Drink adequate water.
    • Avoid fast/spicy/deep fried food.
    • Do not skip breakfast.
    • Drink fruit juices.


  • General
    • Do not exert yourself when sick.
    • Seek assistance when change in voice noticed.
    • Avoid sleeping immediately after dinner.

Please remember:–

The vocal cords are like other muscles in the body, the abuse/overuse will cause pain.