Have you installed Double glazed windows in your home? And do you know that you need to maintain them to keep their beauty and shine intact? A double glazed window is basically a window containing two different glass panes, situated at a distance of 12mm to 16mm. Also known as insulated glazing, it can block air or create a vacuum between the glass panes.

This leads to a dramatic reduction in temperature and noise. Though the idea of insulated windows seems interesting, you are also required to undertake proper measures to maintain their quality. Why is this important and how it is to be done? Keep reading on to know everything!

Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

Double glazing windows have started gaining popularity because of their weather-resistant, soundproof, and waterproof features.

  • Reducing Energy Bills – Due to the presence of vacuum and insulation between the glass panes, your house will remain calmer in summers and warmer in winters. This will save you a lot on energy bills.
  • Better Security – The best part about double glazed windows is that they are almost impossible to break. This will increase the security of your home, discouraging any burglary and theft activities.
  • Boost Soundproofing – Using double glazed windows when you are staying in the vicinity of an airport, or a noisy locality is a good idea. These windows will substantially reduce the excess noise level entering your home.
  • Maintained Interiors – Do you know that when the décor and furniture are exposed to high heat and sunlight, they are subjected to fading and texture damage? your decor will remain perfect as the double glazed windows will not let the heat enter the room.
  • Better Real Estate Value – When you install these double glazed windows, you are actually boosting the real estate value of your property. You can expect a better deal while selling the property in the future.

Tips to Maintain the Shine and Beauty of the Double Glazed windows

You see, the insulated glazed windows are not only energy-efficient and noise proof, but also an attractive and valuable addition to your home. Follow these simple tips and keep your windows new for a more extended period.

  • Avoid Dampness – You must make sure that you have proper ventilation in your room. Any sort of dampness can lead to mildew and molds in the sealants of the window. This is very unattractive and harms the reliability of the frame as well. Make sure your windows are kept open, encouraging a good flow of air.
  • Keep them Clean – It is essential to keep every part of your double glazed window clean. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust collected in the sealants, frames, insect screens, and window openings. Regular cleaning will also discourage any sort of discoloration and damage to the windows.
  • Maintain the Shine – You can use a regular soap and water solution to clean the outer portions of the double glazed windows. This will avoid any sort of dust accumulation and stains on the surface of the windows, keeping them shining and sparkling clean. Make sure you don’t use any high-pressure sprays to clean the window. This can lead to water retention inside the panes or can even develop cracks on the window surface.

If you find any cracks or scratches on your double glazed windows, consult with a professional immediately. Avoid doing any remedial actions on your own. You can actually aggravate the issue further. At times, DIY measures can backfire and you can end up losing the effectiveness of the windows. Follow these simple tips and have shining double glazed windows throughout the year.