Hair loss is one of the common problems faced by the young and the old of today. It does take a toll on your self confidence in a big way, but you can stick to the use of keto dandruff shampoo as it provides you with timely results. But still there are ways by which you can deal with issues of hair loss.

Stick to a balanced diet

Your hair needs a proper dose of good minerals along with vitamins too. By consumption of vitamin A, it encourages the formation of sebum in your scalp as it is found in dark leafy vegetables, papaya, mango etc. Vitamin B is found in milk and milk related products.

For your hair health biotin is important. If you encounter deficiency of biotin it can lead to hair loss and even thinning of your hair. In case if you suffer from hair loss you need to include green leafy vegetables along with cabbage as part of your diet.

Another effective tip is to stick to a protein-based diet. If you have adequate protein it can deal with hair loss and even promotes hair health. You must incorporate a protein rich diet that is available in the form of lentils, milk and of course protein milk.

Drink enough water as key is to hydrate yourself

You need to hydrate yourself well as the reason being that the hair shaft is incorporated with plenty of water. Ideally you need to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water daily in order to remain hydrated and ensure proper growth of your hair.

You must pamper your hair and opt for the use of essential oils

Even massaging your hair, a couple of minutes daily would rejuvenate your hair follicles. Hair is known to penetrate the hair shaft. The possibility of hair damage reduces as the hair is expected to remain strong and dense. For growth of your hair castor oil is a vital ingredient, and even works its magic to combat issues of hair loss.

You need to warm the hair oil for a few minutes. Then you must rub it over the clean scalp or even the hair shafts allowing the oil to penetrate. You must leave it overnight for a few hours and then wash it off early in the morning. This would allow the oil to penetrate.

Nourishing your hair with the use of hair balms and even your hair mask

Hair is known to lose its moisture quickly. You can rely on the use of special hair masks or balms in order to deal with this problem. You can use the balm along with shampoo or even after rinsing off the shampoo you can use it. An ideal way to use the balm would be to smear it along the length of the shampoo and when you do this avoid rubbing on to the skin. This is one of the main benefits that accrue to keto scalp shampoo uses. They have generated positive reviews within a short span of time.