Lately, people have commented in the media that professional wedding videos are not only not necessary, but also a waste of money. They base these claims on the perception that with the price of small digital camcorders falling as image quality increases, in addition to the software editing programs that come with the camera or computers, anyone, a Guest or Hobby Video You can shoot and edit a quality video for free or low cost for the bride and groom.

The opposite view is that, unless a professional video man is used, someone experienced in capturing all the events of his special day using a high-quality camera with backup batteries, tapes, a spare camera and a tripod. video; the bride and groom could be in for a nasty shock, I guess a shock created due to planning their special day on a budget. The professional camera operator also has editing done by a professional editor using professional editing software, producing a professional wedding movie. The aforementioned unpleasant surprise caused by having an amateur video could be a shaky, fuzzy, wrong-color, low-sounding mess, leaping and skipping laughs.

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What do you think, become an amateur and save money or become a professional and pay? Has anyone thought about this topic or wedding video disaster stories and / or gorgeous video productions?

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