Though in India, the textbook culture is still very prevalent, it is progressing slowly. Today, it is vital for children to possess real-world skills rather than just established factual knowledge. 

This can be done through PBL schools, where solving actual challenges that develop your experience is given more importance. It helps the children:

  • Develop their communication skills
  • Learn how to work in teams 
  • Take responsibility

 Now, let’s look at a few well-known problem-based learning schools in India.

  1. Vega School, Gurgaon:

This problem-based learning school follows the CBSE curriculum and is based on five fundamental values i.e.

  • Integrity
  • Empathy 
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration 

These values help students face the challenges in the competitive and ever-changing outside world. It believes that apart from academic excellence, character building is one of the most important aspects for students in the formative years.

Riverside School, Ahmedabad: Riverside School follows an education framework that has been driven by a design framework. It strives for excellence and wants the students to focus on the significance of cultivating a ‘growth mindset’ where feedback is given due importance. An individualised plan is made for each student to cater to their needs and development. 

American School of Bombay, Mumbai:

It is an American style PBL school in Mumbai that has a global community. Apart from developing skills in children, they believe that continuous enquiry and curiosity help students learn better.

Indus International School, Pune:

The vision of this school is to create global citizens. Traditional values of love, discipline, and empathy are given due importance in this PBL School. Endless opportunities are given to the students to grow in the areas of their passion, be it art, craft, music, dance, sports, or drama. 

Billabong High International School, Bhopal:

This school offers the CBSE as well as the ICSE curriculum. They believe that learning is a lifelong task, and to thrive in the continually changing world, the holistic development of the child is necessary. Being a problem-based learning school, real-time projects such as that on the farm, at the museum, etc. are given that help students learn effectively. 

Singapore International School, Mumbai:

This school offers a remarkable educational experience. They aim at making learning enjoyable through innovative methods that require active participation. Equipped with the latest technologies, it facilitates project-based learning. 

S.N.Kansagra School, Rajkot:

This PBL school offers the ICSE curriculum. It provides a lot of opportunities to empower students. ‘Schoogle’ is one of their initiatives that provides curriculum-based material beyond the realms of the traditional printed textbook model. 

Podar International School, Mumbai:

This problem-based learning school offers the CBSE curriculum. A lot of emphasis is given on making the student physically and mentally strong to cope with any situation in life. The students are given a chance to explore new ideas and present the same. 

Pathways World School, Gurgaon:

This PBL school applies the Multiple Intelligence approach. They understand the needs of this 21st-century education and try to engage with the students on a personal level. This ensures that learning is long-lasting. 

Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai:

The educational program of this problem-based learning school is based on developing the confidence of students and making them reflective learners. Interactive learning, such as role-play, lab experiments, etc. helps the students understand concepts easily. 

Project-based learning is still a new concept for many. However, this is the best way for ‘real learning’ to happen. Keeping the students as the focal point, this learning method is much fruitful to develop goal-oriented individuals with adequate problem-solving skills.