Adobe recently announced that they have included digital signature into their Adobe Acrobat DC. This means that with this brand new software, you can sign your very important documents from anywhere in the world. All you need is a computer with the internet connection and you can sign your documents. In this blog, we will look at how wet ink signatures work.

What is a digital signature

As Adobe states, a digital signature is a digitally signed document which can be used as a unique identifying signature. You can use digital signatures for making your signature as unique as possible. This will allow you to make digital transactions from different devices with the signature stored in the computer.

There are many other uses for digital signatures like

for recording voting slips and then replacing it after the voting is done. For making digital documents which can be used as legal proof.

Adobe made it easy for us to make these transactions without having to constantly carry our voter slips around with us. You just have to make a valid digital signature and then you can use this to verify that you have voted.

How do digital signatures work?

Digital signatures allow you to sign documents digitally without any help from anyone else. It is basically a technology that makes it easier for one person to sign a document from anywhere in the world without having to deal with the intermediaries. Digital signatures are made by using digital ink or similar technologies.

All the digital signatures are very secure. You can easily verify their validity even if you do not know the signature master. You can just scan the document and you get the original signature.

How does digital signature protect us?

Digital signatures keep you protected from unwanted intrusions and risks. They protect you from any kind of fraudulent activity, such as hacking, fraud and document forgery.

Why to use a digital signature?

Digital signatures are one of the newest ways to keep your digital documents safe. They are also used in other fields like storage of IP. Due to the added security, there are high chances that you will want to sign any documents or other important data in the future.

How does it work?

To sign your documents, you need to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat DC. Once it is installed, go to options on the Dashboard and look for the document signing feature.

The document signing feature uses a three-way authentication procedure. It makes you verify that the person signing is you, the person signing the document and the computer you are using to sign it.

Using the third party, you can verify your identity to unlock the process.

Could you have both a digital and wet signature?

There are many people who carry a wet signature but still print their digital signature. These are people who do not trust the digital signature yet they still want to have a digital signature. The reason for them is they do not know if the digital signature is genuine.

Nowadays, it is very easy to detect fake signatures. They have created several digital signature trick as the digital signature has the same characteristics as the wet signature.

Digital signature is sometimes considered a wet ink signature. But it is not a true wet signature because the signature is not signed using water but a special ink. With the digital signature, it is very easy to verify the authenticity of the signature. For example, if a person sign in a pool of ink, it is difficult to authenticate their signature.