In recent years the work has become increasingly dynamic. With the so-called “smart working” you work not only in the office but also from home. Especially in some sectors, travel is an everyday affair or almost. The different areas of the same company interact both physically and digitally. For all these reasons, we need tools that are as flexible as the work they have to support.

The rental of a WiFi printer opens horizons working an impossible time. Thanks to this technology you can print without the computer being physically attached to the peripheral. More: you can also print from your mobile phone and tablet, whether you are in the office or at home. All this makes it much easier to print important documents at the last minute, even remotely if needed. Nonetheless, along with the advantages, there are doubts.

How does a WiFi printer work in detail? Are we sure it’s really safe?

Features and operation of WiFi printers

In the past, office printers were always connected to PCs. A special USB cable was used, which put the two devices in contact, making it possible to print and scan. Without the cable, the device only worked as a copier or it did not work entirely. The prints you could only do a few computers selected, with all the problems that resulted from this. Today things are very different.

By now the rental printers are all wireless, given their practicality in the workplace. The device contains an adapter that connects to the router and connects it to the WiFi network. In this way, the printer is visible both from the computer and from the other devices connected to the network. In case of need, you can select the printer from computers located in another room or even in another building.

The operation of WiFi printers is very simple and almost never presents problems. There may be minimal difficulties in the installation, which can be resolved in a few minutes. It happens that the printer is placed in a place where the signal is a bit weak, which could hinder the connection. Again, though, this is a simple matter to fix.

How to connect the WiFi printer

How to connect the WiFi printer to the router and other devices? The answer depends on the type of device, although in general the procedure is always the same.

Printers with the display . The device has a small touch screen on the front, which can be used to give commands and also for configuration. Usually, there is an item called ” wireless configuration procedure ” under the “wireless” menu item. Select it and choose the office network, then enter the password.

Printers without display. Nowadays there are many less, but let’s talk about it for completeness. In this case, a USB cable is used to connect the printer to the computer. Open the printer software from your PC and follow the instructions to connect the device to the network. Once done, you can unplug the computer and use the printer without cables.

WiFi Protected Setup. It is used to connect the rental printer only to a defined network, so as to avoid intrusion from other networks. If the router supports the function, just click a button for the WPS. Otherwise, you need to enter the printer PIN in the router.

WiFi Direct. The printer and other devices connect directly to each other, without resting on the router. However, the printer must support the function so that the computer or mobile phone can add it to direct connections. In the case of a mobile device, ad hoc apps that can be downloaded from online stores are also required.

How renting a WiFi MFP makes work “smart”

Smart working is a form of work from home, aimed primarily at employees with special needs. It has many advantages and also some disadvantages, including the inability to access office tools. The rental of a WiFi multifunction can solve the latter problem at least in part, by increasing productivity.

A good wireless multifunction printer allows you to print documents even from a distance. Imagine that you are at home and have just finished a file to show some customers. Problem: customers will arrive in the afternoon and you will not have time to arrive and print everything. With a WiFi printer, simply select the device from your home computer and order the print.

The rental WiFi printers give their best when away. You need some important documents, which obviously remained in the office. The best multifunction printers allow your colleagues not only to scan documents but also to upload them to Drive. All this in one move, so you don’t miss precious minutes.

The more time passes, the more intelligent devices spread and become part of our life. In such a context, hiring a multifunctional WiFi printer is an obligation rather than a choice.

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