The very latest craze in smoking is Hemp cigars” or “Cannagars”. Hemp is an ideal growing plant for many different things such as fiber, seeds, oil and even clothing. The new strain of “Hemp” has caused a great deal of enthusiasm for the crafting of these flavorful and unique cigars. However, “Hemp” itself isn’t quite the word for” cigars” in the United States. So what is meant when people say “Hemp cigars”?

In a nutshell, hemp cigars are handcrafted with top quality Colorado Grown Hemp Flower from only a few select plants in the world. With quite a few different sizes available at this time, all with more to come. The fact that it is grown in Colorado where hemp is cultivated for fiber production has made this type of cigar much more popular than “standard” hemp smokables. People who suffer from chronic anxiety, depression, arthritis, epilepsy, and cancer are among the growing population of potential customers. Even if you don’t suffer from any of those conditions, you may benefit from trying some of the many different choices on the market.

Some of the most well-known brands of “Hemp” cigars are from Acme Hemp Labs, who seems to have the claim that they were the original creators of the Cannagar industry┬áin 2010 in Colorado. The high quality cannabidiol (CBD) found in their hemp flowers has been reviewed for years and is a natural, safe alternative form of treatment for people with certain psychological disorders and a great alternative for people who wish to step away from tobacco. For many years it was assumed that smoking marijuana would cause the same effect as CBD. But surprisingly, there were no studies conducted to confirm this theory. The study that did take place proved that CBD doesn’t interact with nor does it have any effect on the high level of the dopamine hormone that is present in the brain when one smokes marijuana.

Some of the top selling brands of Hemp cigars can be found at many US state licensed medical marijuana facilities. But, most are simply not sold directly to anyone over the counter in the United States. Rather they must be bought from licensed private dealers in California, Colorado, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. It would be a violation of federal law to sell any of these types of cigars to anyone under any circumstance. That is the reason that all sales and distribution procedures are done through local, state, and federal licensed dealers. However since hemp is now fully legal federally you can purchase hemp cigars specifically from Acme Hemp Labs online. The only states currently with issues about this is (at the point of this article was written) Nebraska and South Dakota. You really should check your local laws just in case though.

One thing that immediately comes to mind when one thinks about buying a hand rolled hemp cigar, or any other type of high quality hemp smokable product, is the extremely high prices. In California alone, people are paying in excess of two hundred to four hundred dollars per cannagar. So, the question becomes, if hemp cigars are so expensive, why aren’t more people switching to them? Most people initially think that it is because they cannot afford them. However, the simple truth is that they are much cheaper from the original company who has them consistantly available for purchase and for HALF the cost of even the most “affordable” cannagars. It’s honestly night and day, many of these other companies are just looking to roll a few and overcharge for them.

From what I read is that most of these companies go out of business because they are simply to labor intensive to make them affordable. But, Acme Hemp Labs has been at this for over 10 years, so it makes sense they have created the platforms to offer these amazing smokes at a truly affordable rate, in fact they are practically a steal when you compare to these cannagars being sold for $420 a piece!

When you smoke a real hemp cigar, you are inhaling not only the flower buds but also the finely aged leaf smoke. I really can’t say enough about Acme Hemp Labs cannagars.