What an Extrusion Machine is?

The extrusion machine pulls or powers an unformed material into arrangement directs and molded kicks the bucket for creating cross-sectional shapes, and lengths of stock structures. It is for the most part utilized in metals, plastics, and composite-shaping ventures.

Moreover, extrusion machines are also in aerospace, automotive, and construction applications.

How Extrusion Machine Works?

The function of a plastic extrusion machine runs on melting, processing, and re-melting a type of plastic that is denoted to thermoplastic resins. These resins usually come in pallet or bead form which enables them to use in extrusion machinery. The auger turns and this results in causing beads to move forward where heat melts them

The normal or daily use examples of extrusion are; squeezing toothpaste out of a tube, pushing out of an icing bag, and “Playdo” shapes are made with an extrusion machine. Besides, the extrusion molding of plastics is used for making any long shape with a constant cross-section.

The most commonly used plastic extruded is PVC.

What is the Principle of Extrusion?

Extrusion is a metal forming process in which any workpiece or metal is forced to flow through a die to decrease its cross-section, or for converting into the desired shape. The extrusion process is widely used in the manufacturing of pipes and steel rods. The force used for extruding workpiece is really compressive

How Does the Extrusion Process Take Place?

Extrusion is just a compressive metal forming process in which a plunger or piston is required for applying compressive force at the workpiece. Let’s summarize the entire process in the following steps below;

  • In the first step, the first billet or metal workpiece of standard size is produced
  • The billet is then heated in hot extrusion or stay same at room temperature, and placed into an extrusion press – The extrusion press is a kind of piston-cylinder device that is used for placing metal inside the cylinder and pushed by the piston. The higher portion of the cylinder is fitted with a die


  • In the third step, a compressive force is applied to this part using a plunger that is fitted into a press which later pushes the billet towards die


  • Die is a small opening of an essential cross-section. This high compressive force let the work metal flow through the die, and convert into the required shape


  • Now, the extruded part is removed from the press and is heat-treated for improved mechanical properties


  • This is how the extrusion process goes on

Hitherto we learn what an extrusion machine and its process is. Now let take one step forward, and see what a paper cup extrusion is, and how it’s connected with a lamination machine. In other words, how the entire thing is interlinked with each other – the paper cup extrusion lamination machine.

About Paper Cup Extrusion Machine

Need to mold plastic, or willing to get your hands in making creative plastic products? Then, the paper cup extrusion machine helps to open your creativity in making plastic products. This machine is creatively designed to produce endless lengths of plastic pieces from any particular type of plastic resin.

The paper cup extrusion machine is widely used for producing plenty of items including; rods, plastic sheets, and filaments, etc. The thermoplastic products of this category are primarily categorized into three classes;

  • Single screw ones
  • Twin or multiple screws machines
  • Ram machines

Besides, the paper cup extrusion machine makes possible the dedicated processing of melted plastic that is finally converted into fine plastic products. It has numerous dimensions and sizes

This machine can also be custom made or standardize. However, some extrusion machine features are highlighted as they provide guaranteed optimum productivity and quality. Also, helps in saving labor and time. One can easily choose from an extensive domain of erudite paper cup extrusion machine with unique functionalities supplied in the market

The current era is highly equipped and advanced! Now there are many extrusion and laminating machine suppliers have started initiating their business supplying plenty of paper cup extrusion machine that can fulfill all your demands.

Is there any example that can easily reveal the function, and connection of paper cup extrusion and lamination machine? Yes, the single-sided paper extrusion lamination machine.

Single Side Paper Cup Extrusion Lamination Machine

This extrusion lamination machine is used for producing one side PE Coated Paper, Paper Bowl, Cup Paper, paper Instant Noddle, and paper bowls, etc.

For which purpose this machine is used?

The main purpose of using an extrusion lamination machine is, to produce 1.7m Single Side PE Coated Cup Paper with suitable unwind and rewind Diameter 1.2m. It features cutting and connecting a new roll without decreasing speed.

This machine takes Japan Sumitomo T-bite the dust that comes very consistent while delivering. It further highlights center cutting capacity, sliced 1.7m paper to two 850mm equivalent moves, spare the cutting expense and spare time

Highlights of Paper Extrusion Lamination Machine

  • Human-Machine Interface, Full Automatic Constant Tension Control, PLC Concentrated Control, New shaft
  • productivity, easy and fast
  • pre-speed begins to acknowledge huge measurement fast move trade, material cutting, and interfacing.
  • The fundamental machine receives Electric lifting, simple to change shape air hole tallness
  • Shape head: High exactness unique imported from Taiwan, USA, Italy
  • Appropriate for twofold side matt cover for expendable paper cup, paper bowl, reflect overlay in high.