The best external hard drives are useful to many in the creative industry who often have to store a lot of large files and quickly fill up the hard drive that came with their Mac or PC. An external hard drive can help here.

The best external hard drives are fast, reliable, and easy to use. They are generally affordable and of course portable. When choosing the best external hard drive, storage capacity should be of the utmost importance: around 500GB is suitable for most people, although it is clearly cheaper to buy smaller capacities. For extra security, you can also purchase a larger volume of 1 TB or more. This is especially useful when you need to save a lot of videos or large raw files.

Also consider speed, portability, price, and connectivity. You must ensure that your new external hard drive has the correct port for your device. The first-generation rectangular USB-A ports are gradually being replaced by the new, smaller, reversible USB-C ports. It can now be found on all modern computers and Macs.

Seagate Wireless Plus

The Seagate Wireless Plus Hard Drive is the latest entry on our list of best wireless hard drives. While it is certainly not a perfect device, it will get the job done once you overcome a few hurdles. With Wireless Plus, you can create a personal network where you can stream your files and media content to your favorite devices.

Getting rid of strands can be really liberating. You can access all of your content without searching for internet hotspots or relying on messy feeds. Up to seven Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets can be connected and share a single connection. If you need to access your cloud files through Dropbox and Google Drive, that’s not an issue either.

This model provides a balance between portability and storage capacity. There are several capacity options to choose from, although the 2 TB option looks the best since you can take your collection of TV series and the entire music library with you wherever you go.

Searching your media library is easy with this one. It is so good for Android and iOS devices, as well as Kindle Fire and Windows 8. There are easy-to-use drop-down menus where you can choose which content to view. Choosing the files stored on your device and saving them to the drive is also a great idea to free up space.

Overall, the wireless hard drive mac¬†is a solid device, although it takes a lot of work to be a truly successful product. The app is having a good style but sometimes it is unresponsive and does not provide the best streaming experience for Apple devices. This wireless hard drive, although not ideal, is a good choice, but whether or not it’s the right device for you depends on your specific needs. For example, if you have a lot of iOS devices, an Apple Time Capsule is recommended.

WD 2TB My Passport

Here is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hard drives. So it is no wonder that the company is looking to capture a share of the wireless external hard drive market. My Passport 2TB hard drive is the company’s attempt to do just that.

WD didn’t want to create a wireless hard drive just for fun. They wanted something that would meet the practical needs of people who really needed these devices. Hence a lot of thought was given to this product.

First, the company designed and built a sturdy exterior structure that can withstand life outside. They needed something strong enough to withstand hiking, camping, and adventure. For this reason, WD comes with a sturdy plastic casing designed for tough conditions.

The second thing that they have done is to invest in a high-quality, long-lasting battery that allows users to use the product all day long. In fact, there’s so much power onboard that WD is promoting the fact that the product will allow you to fully charge your smartphone.If there’s one downside – and hard to find one with this product – it’s the fact that there is no raw streaming for iOS devices.

QUWN Portable 

QUWN is a relatively unknown brand in the world of hard drives. However, the abstract product offers users practically everything they want. The product mainly comes in black brick the size of a large matchbox, with a detachable antenna if you need an extra scope.

QUWN serves the Player as a repository for quick access to all files and media while editing home videos. As a good one and a modern smartphone, you can stream movies, access photos, and even play video games.

Unfortunately, the maximum transfer speed is 300Mbps, so transferring large files may take a few minutes. Additionally, the device does not support some types of Wi-Fi, which means it may not work with your router at all.

LFJNET External Hard Drive

LFJNET had an idea similar to QUWN: having a good and with all the features video can be edited with this and store media. For this reason, the device offers a variety of features, including expanded OS support and USB 3.0 compatibility for faster delivery than WiFi.

Interestingly, this one is having a box separately, so the HDD you use is up to you. This is useful for people who have big data requirements. If you find your 2 TB drive insufficient, you can always replace it with a larger 4GB or 8GB hard drive.

Like QUWN, this comes with an antenna. This feature is useful when you want to access your files at the end of the park, but it doesn’t look great.