Are you looking to study commercial pilot licence training, but not too sure about the possibilities it can lead to? Becoming a commercial airline pilot isn’t the only option for students that have obtained their CPL. In fact, there are many careers available that allow you to pursue your dream of piloting an aircraft without working for an airline.

So many in fact, we’ve listed the main ones below:

An Air Taxi Pilot

An air taxi pilot, also known as a charter pilot, is a great career to have after getting your CPL. It involves flying passengers or cargo from one destination to another. Unlike flying passengers for an airline, air taxi pilots fly smaller aeroplanes and shorter distances. This also adds the bonus of having set hours, so you will always be home on time. It’s also a great way to build up flight experience if you do plan on becoming a commercial airline pilot.

A Cargo/Freight Pilot

Unlike an air taxi pilot, a cargo/freight pilot is employed to fly small and also large types of aircraft over larger distances for companies such as Qantas Freight, DHL and FedEx. They transport a variety of cargo including packages, perishable items, mail and other types of cargo all across Australia. If you want to travel and see the world, you can work for companies such as Atlas Air that transport cargo internationally.

A Flight Instructor

Since you’ve been spending so much time with your flight instructor throughout your commercial pilot licence training, why not become one as well? A certified flight instructor is a perfect opportunity to pass on what you have learnt to future students who have the same dream as you. It’s also a great way to further improve your flight skills and knowledge.

An Aerial Firefighter

Countries such as Australia rely on aerial firefighters to put out fires with water, foams and Phos-Chek, and transport other firefighters and crucial supplies to remote and hard to reach areas. With the Australian Federal Government announcing an $11 million cash injection into Australia’s aerial firefighting centre and an increasing number of bushfires, there could be a higher demand for aerial firefighters in the future.

A Jump Pilot

Instead of jumping out of the plane when sky diving, why not pilot it yourself? A career as a jump pilot is definitely not your average job. You will get to meet a wide variety of people and create personal connections with your passengers – before they jump out of your plane at about 4,000 metres. Again, it’s also another great way to build up your flight experience if wanting to apply to airlines.

As you can see, there are many career opportunities once you have passed your commercial pilot licence training course that just becoming an airline pilot. If you have yet to begin your journey as a pilot, search online for an affordable flight school. Make sure they have Grade 1 flight instructors, a modern aircraft fleet and a range of aviation courses designed around the reason you are wanting to fly.