Schools are the main learning institutions that have existed for long in our human society. From open schooling, homeschooling, day schooling, to boarding schooling there are various forms of school that impart the child and make them educated. If we look at the factors that make a school great we can surely hit the cord of a debate to which format of school is best and the factors that make it so.

However, since education is the most important resource, you need to think over it when it comes to your child’s education. You just can’t enroll your child in just any school, it must be good at its job. For which, you need to consider what are the key components of a good school before you choose the best school for your child. Therefore to ease up your decision making to some extent, we have tried to cover some of the factors in this article below.

Teachers and mentors

Apart from the place and infrastructure, it’s the people who make up an institution. Similarly, it’s good teachers and other good supporting staff that makes a good school. Good teachers and other efficient staff members contribute to the value of any school be it a day school, a boarding school or any other format of school.

A school may entice you by many great facilities that they provide to their students but if they lack on the fronts of teaching staff, it will do no good to your child. Given that the teachers would be the one crafting personality in your child, apart from teaching subject lessons. The kind of teachers your child will get to learn from, the kind of knowledge and wisdom they will pose.

Educational framework and standards of the school

Education is an important aspect in the growth of a country. Therefore each country has regulatory bodies that set and decides the standard educational framework. Apart from the regulatory bodies usually certain boards of school education affiliate the school and foresee their activities. These boards or say organizations of the education sector also provide its affiliated schools affiliated with curriculum, information, tools, and techniques to be implemented in their classes. So, before deciding any school for your child, you need to check the affiliation of the school. And that whether it adheres to the suggested educational framework and other educational standards introduced by the regulatory bodies of the country or not. This way you can ensure the quality of education that your child will get.

Curriculum and syllabus followed in the school

Every school needs to follow a predefined curriculum in its year-long academic session set by the board of school education, from which they are affiliated to. These schools also follow the school syllabus provided and recommended by their regulatory boards. These curriculums and syllabuses decide what the students will learn through the academic year. Also, the syllabus of different educational boards varies a lot from each other. Additionally, schools also implement their own methods of teaching which they feel beneficial for their students. For instance, Career Point Gurukul is a world-class boarding school located in Kota, Rajasthan, which uses SMARTPREP Methodology. A personalized method of teaching with their own indigenously developed teaching techniques. Therefore when you are out there looking for the best boarding school or a day school for your child, then you should look for the curriculum and syllabus that they follow. It must not be an absolute form of education. Choose a school that help their student become more productive inside as well as outside the school

Extra-Curricular Activities

Apart from academic learning which hugely depends on bookish teachings, a good school also focuses on extra-curricular activities. That aspect of learning which helps a student discover their interests and hidden talents. Things that help the students later in their professional life. These skills that your child will learn and develop in the school will assist them later on. They can even make a career out of it. Therefore being a parent, it is important on your side that you choose a school that can help your child discover themselves and their interests.

Now that you looked at some factors that reflect that “what are the key components of a good school?” you should use them in deciding which school is best for your child. These key components will certainly help you come up with the best decision.